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"Energiebündel": Dudamel, Berlin Philharmonic and Asia Tour – Bühne


Berlin / Bangkok (dpa) – Gustavo Dudamel, artistic director of the Berlin Philharmonic, sometimes says he should pinch himself. Ten years ago he performed for the first time with the orchestra. "The dream has come true," the conductor recalls. But he could not understand it yet.

Currently he is 38 years old and one of the classical musicians. He travels a lot and the orchestra lined up side by side with him. But Dudamel sometimes looks like a fresh graduate of the greenhouse.

Passionately, he talks to the German media about the final concert with the Philharmonic. In Berlin he directed the Divertimento of Leonard Bernstein, the masterpiece of the West Side Story composer. And he is Gustav Mahler's Symphony No. 5 to immerse himself in. In the second concert series, Dmitri Shostakovich and Amber again shine for the fifth time. Sovereign leads the orchestra through musical gaps.

The concert was sold out. Dudamel, who once tried to approach the stars with a lively move from the podium, praised the Philharmonic as "the bundle of energy." On the podium he is more economical and focused. He grew up. It is said in reviews after the second concert series.

Now, as guest conductor, Dudamel travels through Asia with Berliners and the Berlin program. I had a storm in Bangkok on Friday evening. Nakhon Pathom, who is about 50 kilometers away from the capital of Thailand, applauded. Taiwan and China continue their journey through November 23.

Somewhat special trip. Traditionally, the orchestra takes such a trip with the boss. But the new, Kirill Petrenko will not change from Munich to Berlin until next season. After leaving Simon Rattle, the Philharmonic will play without a boss this season.

Venezuela is an eternal guest in Berlin. "The orchestra gave me a lot of responsibility." But unlike the principal conductor, he has to adapt to the tradition and the orchestral sound as a guest. "It's like a dance, learn a little and throw it away.

Dudamel Philharmonic director Andrea Zietzschmann says the orchestra belongs to a class of young directors who work closely together. His charisma is an ideal cast for Asian tour. He also mastered the core repertoire of the orchestra's trademark core orchestral work.

Dudamel has been a principal conductor of the Los Angeles Philharmonic for ten years. He is the founder of the youth orchestra YOLA and focuses on music education, especially music education in the Latin American community in the US metropolitan area.

Thanks to his charisma, Dudamel was mainly to appeal to classical music to young audiences. As he points out, though some gray hair is already shining through the curly hair. Maestro appeared on "Sesame Street" and became role model for the American series "Mozart in the Jungle". In 2016, I performed with Beyonce who rested at Superbowl and musicians of Band Coldplay.

The way to the podium was well organized for the Barquisimeto musician family (mother vocalist, salsa band's father trombone player) in northern Venezuela. "I do not feel pressure." He started playing the violin. (We had to share instruments with 20 other children.) Eventually he stood in front of the orchestra and took the baton. "It is the most ordinary thing in the world for me," he says in Spanish.

Dudamel is now influenced by the world-famous "Sistema". A network of youth orchestras and music schools established in 1975 by educator José Antonio Abreu is considered a worldwide model. Hundreds of thousands of children and teenagers learned and played instruments with hundreds of nuclei all over the country. As a result, "Simón Bolivar Youth Orchestra" became the most important cultural ambassador in the country.

Venezuela's economic and political collapse severely exacerbated the "El Sistema" situation. Major support disappeared with the death of March founder Abreu. The world-renowned Dudamel has long refused to openly address the voices of the country's misfortunes, overthrown by President Hugo Chávez (1954-2013) and Venezuelan successor Nicolás Maduro Venezuela. Dudamel was again criticized violently in Germany and abroad.

"Elsyshema" We are living in a very complicated situation we are currently experiencing in Venezuela, "Dudamel did not directly address to the government. Many young talents have left this country but have not lost hope. "If only one child is taught, life" Elsyshema "».

Dudamel strongly contradicts the claim that he does not interfere. He will rehearse through Skype and always visit. "People know only a part of my activity." In a tense situation, he sees the above consensus as a founder. Was it possible even with the dictatorship Madurou ruling? Dudamel does not respond. "I think people are wise and will decide for themselves the future."

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