Sunday , October 17 2021

Eintracht player Ante Rebic: "The best year of my career"

Mr Rebic, if you are looking for the year to come back to 2018, what's wrong with you?
It was very good (laughs).

It's a good run, that's probably the bottom line of the year.
Let's start by the way: When I returned from Frankfurt to the World Championship and the subsequent vacation, I did not know exactly how strong the team would be. Many players had left the club, new ones were added, we also got a new coach. Over time, you've seen that it always matches better. We have worked hard, everyone responds to the other, everyone fights for the other. I think you can see that place. We are on a good road. This can also be seen in the results.

Others describe the situation of the entry much more euphoric, the team is the team of the hour, rocking the Bundesliga. That's quite amazing, something like that has never been for a quarter of a century.
About the story I can not say anything, we really look just one game to the next, so we're well driven: Nine victories, a draw of the last ten games – that's not so bad.

Why is the team so bold?
I can not answer this exactly. We are here for one another, we have a good mind, are a savage pile. And we have a good coach who always has an open ear and understands our players.

All of Germany speaks of the unlucky entry-sturm that breaks all the parameters, one of the best trios across Europe. That's incredible.
Last season we never played all together, most of them having Sebastien Haller and I played, Luka Jovic was often on the bench. But at this time, it is also difficult for the coach to put one of us on the bench because we are doing a good job. Luka and Seb are very good players who show them in every game, they also meet very often, both nine in the league. I got a few goals less.

But you are another player type, and they were injured at the beginning of the season.
That's right, I've got to deal with in Belgrade. But it was not just the injury. I was unable to attend the preparation for the World Cup, but I still feel that way.

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