Tuesday , June 22 2021

Diabetes Risk: Curdy flavors are sharper than sugar

Scholars of St. Michael's Hospital, Canada, and Toronto University collected the results of 155 studies to investigate how various fructose-enriched effects affect bloody need.

The result: Most foods containing 't fruktose sugar contain no bloody sugar level.

Sweaty drinks and fruit sauce with added fructose, on the other hand, provide the body with abundance, useful poor energy.

This has a dangerous effect on the blood sugar, the researchers have said.

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Natural fructose harmless

There are several opinions in the study on the role of several sugars in the development of diabetes and heart.

Yet, many scientists say that fructose special health scandals, the author's authors say in a statement.

The Canadian research team, however, found no diabetes risk of eating and drinking with naturally changing fructose – like whole fruits, vegetables, natural fruits and honey.

This would mean that the promotion of foods that contain naturally fruktose, not necessarily the benefit of the risk of diabetes.

Fruit and natural fruit juice can even have a positive effect on blood sugar and pulps, especially in people with diabetes.

Researchers tell us that the higher fiber content of fruits can be responsible for the estimated improvement of blood sugar levels, such as sugary loss of sugar.

Softrinks are harmful

The result, however, was quite different with sweet drinks: they consisted of ingredients that increase the fructose concentration – and thus stimulate blood circulation.

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In addition, they are extremely low in nutrition – and lead to an unnecessary energy input.

A special high rise in diabetes type 2 risk, according to the results, extra sugary fruits and so-called sweet drinks, also known as soft drinks.

The negative effects of fluid colonies were still more noticeable than or with solid solid foods.

The new study is not the first to see that great drinks significantly increase the risk of serious illnesses such as type 2 diabetes.

For example, in 2013, a meta-analysis by the American diabetes association showed that people in average 1 to 2 glasses of sperm drinks were given a day in 26 percent higher risk of diabetes.

Further research is needed

"These findings can lead to recommendations on appropriate fructose diabetes in prevention and treatment of diabetes," said Dr. John Sievenpiper, chief editor of & # 39; Canadian study.

"But the level of evidence is low and higher quality studies are needed."

He adds: "If more information is available, be aware that the harmful effects of fructose sugar on sugar can be caused by certain high energy supplies."

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