Monday , August 15 2022

DAX – Another signal found.


CAC 40 – WKN: 969400 – ISIN: FR0003500008 – Price: 5,106.75 points (Euronext Paris)
DAX – WKN: 846900 – ISIN: DE0008469008 – Price: 11,529.16 points (XETRA)
Relative strength ranking of European index

Price 19.10. DAX can be read as a small station SKS. So far I have been dragging tracks but since 26.10 on low. Just high. Almost all dynamics. Other European indices such as CAC40 (France), Bel20 (Belgium) or AEX (Netherlands) also formed small station SKS trays. But it is a more dynamic and more persuasive structure. Sometimes you have to turn all the stones in the market and find a signal. Perhaps more beautiful station SKS patterns are emerging among other European countries. Alas, there are some noises, and there are still some possibilities in the European stock market.

DAX will dynamically (almost never happen) at the end of the day, rising to more than 11,680 points, resulting in a weak (!) Purchase signal of a target of 12,068. At 12,068, the verified downtrend line (red trigger) crosses from 15.06. The CAC40 should rise above 5,170 points to trigger a buy signal of target 5,330. It may also be a short term signal. Mid-term completion signals are not available in the European stock market. I want to talk about it, but I need to take what the signal market is throwing at us.

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