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Cold Viruses on Disorders (PHOTO) ()

26.11.18 14:00
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Hohenlockstedt (ots) –

She always catches the cold. A comparatively
harmless if also disorderly disorder, which hardly anyone spares
remains. When leafs and temperatures fall, it also occurs
Insect wave slowly roles and reaches in time after the
Annual change is usually the highlight. Good to know: who is his
The body gives some rest and it is early in the fight against it
Painter with a plant mucus (GeloMyrtol forte)
Supporting the cold can already help in the cold.
Complications or surgery for sinusitis and bronchitis
stay out. This makes us no longer cumbersome and coughy
life is heavy.

Three days she comes, three days she stays, three days she goes "
says the folk song about colds. How often is that not all
wrong, but also not long for the whole truth. The typical
Coldness begins with a necklace or sneezing: the mucous membranes
In the neck or nose react to the inhaled colds.
After one or two days the snuff follows: the nasal mucosa
It is swollen and aggravated in combination with moistened mucus
breathing. The respiratory infection has taken us seriously
General findings. On average, the snap lasts a couple of times
Days on. Then it decides whether the cold
wander or decline.

Complications: Sinusitis and Bronchitis

When it comes to pressure on the face, the viruses
probably came to the sinus semblies and there for them
tight mucus ensured. These are small caves around
the nose is around and connects with it through openings
are. Hike the cervix into these caves and call them
An inflammation is an acute sinusitis. The place of the
Pressure pain indicates what caves are affected.
Until the inflammation is healed, it usually takes one to two
Weeks – the infection period is considerably prolonged. Let's start
In contrast to cough, the exciter is hurled downwards
and have caused an inflammation of the bronchia – the
Tube system in the lungs responsible for the transport of the air
is. Doctors talk in these cases from the floor change. The cold
has developed into a bronchitis, accompanied by persistent
Cough with chest pain.

Know what works

The A and O is to help the body to help itself,
say the self-retraction mechanism of respiratory tract again
to activate. Besides rest and sufficient fluid, here is the one
Early intake of the purple plant mucus GeloMyrtol
forte elemental. It consists of a special distillate of ether
Oils (eucalyptus, sweet orange, myrtle and lemon oil) and liquects
and triggers the mucus. But not enough: it inhibits in addition
Inflammation, promotes the healing process and acts counterfeitly
the fine musculature of the bronchi. In the first symptoms
It may influence the course of the cold
and relocation of the cold in sinuses and bronchials
prevent. The cervical viruses are insulated in the nostrils
Departed – we feel better.

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