Tuesday , February 7 2023

Chess Championship 2018: Magnus Carlsen and Fabiano Caruana start the game.


You want more from this first game. Norwegian chess world champion Magnus Carlsen accepted the draw of his challenger Fabiano Caruana at the start of the London World Cup in seven hours. At this point, both of them played by the kings with only one tower and three (Carlsen) or two farmers (Caruana).

The American challenger ran in white and opened up two levels of electronic phones. Carlsen responded and surprised the Sicilian defenders and their opponents. Caruana was nervous and spent a lot more time from the start.

Carlsen came to Queensside and attacked his opponent's king and attacked him. But the world champion failed to make a decision between the 30th and the 40th. Instead, Caruana was freely available after the exchange of ladies at Luke, which ended with only one rumor.

Carlsen tried his typical attitude to mislead the challenger by mistake and spent seven hours on the board at the time of purchase. But Caruana was not drawn to after the 115th draw. It did not reach the world record. Anatoly Karpov and Victor Korchnoi's 1978 World Cup finals finished in 124 games.

Tomorrow, Carlsen and Caruana sit facing each other for a second game (16:00, live ticker SPIEGEL ONLINE). Then the world champion opens. Here you can read the first game step by step.

More information can be found here, as reported by SPIEGEL ONLINE at London's Chess World Cup.

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