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Cancer could be triggered by "Broken Heart Syndrome"

"Having a broken heart" is more than just a saying. Under the name "Broken Heart Syndrome", doctors have long researched how "(love)" sadness has a physical effect and can lead to heart problems. Now, Swiss researchers have discovered that there is also a connection with cancer.

Recent study of Broken Heart is worrying

A recent study by the University Hospital Zurich gives striking conclusions, such as the news portal reported. The researchers around the cardiologist Christian Templin see a connection between Broken Heart Syndrome and a cancerous disease. One in six people suffering from Broken Heart Syndrome, also had cancer. The cardiology clinic at the Zurich Unispital Hospital is a global leader in the treatment and research of Broken Heart Syndrome.

Breast cancer is most common

The most diagnosed cancer is breast cancer. This is followed by tumors in the gastrointestinal tract, the respiratory tract, reproductive organs and at the skin, such as the health portal. Median edge reported. In addition, sufferers survive less likely than other cancer patients to survive every five years after the onset of illness.

Trigger of short breath and respiratory pain

Due to the Takotsubo syndrome ("Broken Heart Syndrome"), it becomes a dysfunction of my heart muscle. Influenza feels the air and breast pain equal to a heart attack. Triggers for this may be psychological as well as physical stress, or heart pain as well as profound sadness.

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Some people are at particular risk of Broken Heart Syndrome: how is a "broken heart" left?

For the current study, researchers evaluated the data of 1604 persons with symptom-affected parties named in the Templin International Takotsubo Register. The full results were published in the Journal of the American Heart Association.

Physical stress as the main cause

The affected patients were on average 69.5 years older than the rest It was also noticeable that 87.6 percent of the women affected. In the study, 267 people were diagnosed with cancer, of which the Broken Heart Syndrome reported a more frequent physical trigger than patients who were not cancerous. Physical reasons include, for example, medical intervention or physical trauma.

The experts therefore advise that patients with broken heart syndrome are monitored for appropriate screening screening. To better understand the connection between Broken Heart Syndrome and Cancer, further research is needed to continue writing the authors of the study in the journal "Journal of the American Heart Association".

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