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Black Friday: Bargain tips on games and gadgets


1. Computer, smartphones and tv

Black Friday is a day of gadgets. Of course, many other products are cheaper to offer, but a striking number of operations are computers, smartphones, TVs and everything connected with it. If you want to choose something from this area, it is worthwhile to focus on the big online stores and electronic stores.

amazon For example, this year again calls for a whole "cyber-Monday week", which runs since last Monday and ends Monday's end. Meanwhile, thousands of real and low-cost deals have been dedicated to the offerings. What you can tell at least: Amazon's own hardware is cheaper than this is rare. An echo speaker costs as much as 60 euros instead of 100, the new Kindle Paperwhite is available from 77 euros instead of 120.

If you are looking for a cheap notebook or tablet, you will find interesting deals on various retailers. also Microsoft Even, for example, has offered a few bargains. So you get the latest model of Surface Pro with i5 processor, 256 GB SSD and keyboard for 999 euros. The company's account, one would save it to 530 euros, one should obviously miss. This refers to the price that the device costs a year ago – and that is no longer true.

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That's different Google, There are today's smartphones Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL with 200 euro discount, without complimentary calculation. In Pixel 2XL is even available with 250 Euro discount, but this figure refers to the price of the introduction more than a year ago. The smart smart speakers Google Home and Home Mini are offered at half price.

Samsung his Black Friday deals completely different. The normal smartphone offers are not very attractive or in comparison with street prices. Only the duplicate package offers you to see. Dealing the Galaxy S9 Duos and S9 + Duos with 256 GB you currently get in a duplicate pack for the price of one. Everyone with a friend or a friendly team is going to be cheaper.

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Large camera, great stamina, proud price:
Samsung Galaxy S9 in the test

The same applies to a sampler of Samsung, where you get a small "The Frame" when buying a contemporary TV – a TV that looks like a picture frame. The offer is very good – if you need two new TVs and it's just about 2400 to 3200 euros to pay.

2. Movies, rows, apps, audiobooks

Besides hardware, Black Friday offers a "soft" stuff at special prices. In Google Play Store are series, movies, audiobooks and e-books at special prices. The selection is mixed, but a few jewelry, such as Marc-Uwe Kling's "Kangaroo Chronicles" have been included.

amazon On the other hand, it has only been considered by its prime clients, the # 600 cigarette film for over 99 cents is offered over the weekend.

3. Video games

If you have a console or a toy, you will be cheaper in these days in many places games replenishmentSony's Playstation Store offers "thrift offerings", Nintendo penders "cyberoffers", and Microsoft also offers some game deals in the Microsoft Store and Xbox online store. There are PC gaming machines Three interesting all-round actionsnamely Steam, and the Humble Store.

For console players in particular, it is worthwhile to draw attention to the products of electronic shops and online post office companies: in some places, blockbusters like Red Dead Redemption II are also included in & # 39; the fax has changed. The one who buys the games so buys, has the advantage of prizes, for example, or they later can conquer. A purchase purchase of the box in the offer is often difficult for games for the Nintendo chain.

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Wild West epos:
This is "Red Dead Redemption II"

4. Consoles

Surely, some Sony blockbusters such as "God of War" must be done without being alone, they are only on Playstation 4. And now, this device variant offers the 4K gaming experience of the expensive Xbox One X . A Simple Search for a game console console – for "Red Dead Redemption II", "Assassin's Creed: Odyssey" or "FIFA 19", there is no cheaper and sophisticated daily console for beginners on this Black Friday Xbox One S,

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Xbox One S:
This is Microsoft's new console

Although the Playstation 4 offer is not unique in this period, the One S online and some e-tvs in & # 39; The 1 TB edition for 150 euro – a fair price, especially when the console is also available as Ultra HD Blu-ray. ray player can use. Saturn offers on Friday for 166 euros a pack of 'Xbox One S' and # 39; Forza Horizon 4 & # 39 ;. This race game is recently free, very good and – here is the other way in "God of War" – is not available for the Playstation.

5. Digital subscriber

Are you using custom digital subscriptions that you must apply for annual updates or annals? Playstation Plus of Xbox Live Gold over or over VPNService? Of Microsoft Office 365? Then it is advisable to look for special offers for these subscribers around Black Friday – and not only when a surprise date is pushing you.

In case you only have two possibilities: or your direct director of & # 39; The supplier – if this is just a fun discontinuation – or you get a download or license code from a third party. Sometimes it is absurd, such as video games: Buying a software box (in the end there is nothing other than a cardboard card with the specified code) is sometimes cheaper or online to order a code.

6. Gives and special services

Almost all tech and bargain locations offer compact reviews of the best Black Friday deals. However, if you just want to find something you like, you'll need to find good prizes, using coupon codes for Black Friday – with whom you can get from best price.

This is the case, for example ebay on Friday 10 percent and so to a maximum of 50 euros) discount on electronics. And Amazon Warehouse currently provides a 20 percent credit on used and opened products. The latter are not even for everyone, but cheaper than the hilly material.

7. You need to make shares in & # 39; Black Friday, especially with tech bids:

  • Still, what you want to choose on Black Friday: Compare pricesNot every hardwaring is as attractive as it seems. Online traders often attract attention with impressive services on the list price of a business. Though often this list price is almost waste, as the expensive devices are longer on cheaper prices in trading. Price comparable portals can help, often only a simple web site is adequate.
  • Many cases use traders and manufacturers Black Friday recent products or storms get rid of. With smartphones and computers, this can lead to fatal misconduct, such as buying a cellphone that has its software so old that there are no security updates. Or a notebook that is the lump that is overwhelmed by the current Windows. Therefore, test reports are needed and when some devices are coming to market or some successor products are already available.
  • Do not take. Many donors earn their time with countdown timers, showing how long the offered prices are still valid. This should increase the pressure to finish the purchase. Reach such terminals until you are sure it's a bargain.
  • Do not hesitate if the product you are looking for is not offered on Black Friday or the discount is not as high as you expect. Waiting for the MondayNow, Black Friday is still followed by Cyber ​​Monday, another shopping cart where the discount is in many places. This will give you another chance to ride.
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