Sunday , December 5 2021

Betting can restore the Alliance for another five years message


Munich (Reuters) – Allianz director Oliver Bte wants to introduce his plans for the coming years with a new direct contract in the pocket next week.

Earlier in the day before the Investor Day, the Board Chairman Berty extended his contract expiring from five years to September 2024. Bets predecessor Michael Diekmann, who has been nominating the Allianz Supervisory Board since 2017, was behind the 53 years: "Under the leadership of Mr Bte In the past three years, Allianz has been very well developed and the Supervisory Board has convinced that it has the good CEO for the challenges ahead."

Although the old three-year contract lasted only ten months, the existing extensive speculation has made. Betting is not an interiors without controversy, to get on transformation and the increased digitization of & # 39; The Munich Liberal Rhino has a great strength and a lot of staff feel overwhelmed. At a congress in India, the Allianz chief announced on Friday that the resistance is at one point or another. "You must, however, be clear." A strategic turnaround was not expected at Investor Day, Bte said: "We do not want to get a new permit by the village every year."

Critics have been accused of betting of bouts and borders. After the bureau in 2015 he had first won a major victory. But both the potential partners did not want to go with the allies or the price quotes were too high for Bte. Because of this, there was no big purpose. "We do not need a purchase," Bte believes at the congress. The alliance could still have enough potential in bringing the existing business. The business figures have been improved in more than three years, since he has the alliance: The group has once again been recruited to record a record operating profit of $ 11.1 billion.

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