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Bauer sucht Frau (RTL): Big concern for Iris Abel – long-awaited sign of life shocked fans


Iris Abel of “Bauer Sucht Frau” worried her fans when she called for donations on Instagram

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With “Bauer sucht Frau” Iris and Uwe Abel became audience favorites for RTL viewers. Now the fans of the iconic TV couple are worried about them.

  • By “Farmer seeks a wife” taught each other Uwe and Iris Abel white and love.
  • Your fans are still happy with the sympathetic couple from the RTL dome show,
  • Some are delivering at the moment worried headlines to the two major cause for Care,

Brandenburg – It has become quiet all around Iris and Uwe Abel – worried quietly. Because after the two Cult Stars out “Farmer seeks a wife” several in recent months Contradictions had to take, the couple withdrew from public life for a considerable time. Now Iris is finally dating one of her fans Signs of life reported back on Instagram. But instead of calming down, the 52-year-old’s post engages her fans Unrest,

Last time it was so hard for the “Bauer sucht Frau” servers Iris and Uwe Abel

Even though we started a new decade with hope a good eleven months ago 2020 So far, unfortunately, not only has it brought good things to many – just think of the worldwide Corona Crisis and the consequences thereof. I can also sing an uncomfortable song about itris and Uwe Abel, To whom the pandemic also made quite a problem. That the iconic couple had to see “Farmer seeks a wife” because of the known Lockdown-Measures to be in the spring “Hofcafé“Close and therefore an important source of income.

A little later, the following sad news followed for them Stars of the RTL dating show: Because not only is Iris with you Driving accident badly injured, including hers Pig breeding both had to because of the Swine fever completely give up. After all Battles of fate luts de “Farmer seeks wife” audience favorite first back from the media. Now, after many weeks, Iris has the Radio silent finally published an Instagram post again, but at the same time for her fans another shock offset.

“Farmer seeks a wife” favorite Iris Abel is back on Instagram – but many fans are shocked

Eins woe se former candidate “farmer seeks wife” with a short video clip about a charity den RTLDonation Marathon, attract attention. “A lot of little things make a big deal,” the 52-year-old wrote in a video, urging her followers to donate money. […] But there are still children who are less good, and everyone can do without a small amount, “says Iris Abel, who pleads for good.

“You look really bad” – Instagram video of Iris Abel worries fans of ex- “Farmer seeks a wife” candidate

While so much social commitment even in times of personal crisis some with The hymn of praise how “great action” is performed as “a wonderful contribution” is not all that matters The good cause of Iris on her post. Show the past instead clear traces of hard times After being left behind: “Did not recognize her”, some of Iris fans are very shocked after seeing their love again and think they can see “Very bad“en”very exhausted out.

“Take care of yourself and stay healthy”, the supporters in question want that “Farmer seeks a wife” cult couple. Words that one can only agree with – especially when one looks at the actually somewhat tired eyes of the 52-year-olds. Hopefully next year too Iris and Uwe Abel again more Good ready. (lros)

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