Friday , January 27 2023

Apple's Wireless AirPod (€ 135)


Despite initial skepticism, Airford was able to persuade many buyers to release. Even if you do not connect headphones first, you can connect headphones with built-in W1 chip with Apple products like iPhone or iPad. This process starts automatically when the case in which the two AirPods are stored and loaded is opened.

The battery life of a relatively small peg is quite long: in normal use, you can continue to use it for up to 5 hours at a time before running out of juice. But even then, there is no reason to be embarrassed – in this case, it will charge your headphones faster and give you more battery life for over 24 hours. According to Apple, there is already enough charge time of 15 minutes for 3 hours.

Competent wise, wired has not changed much compared to EarPods. If you are satisfied with the quality of well-known in-ear headphones, you can enjoy AirPod. But if you're worried about losing your little headphones on the go, AirPod will leave your baby inadvertently and even if you've lost it, you can use the "Find My iPhone" app to display everything in one place. Read more about Apple's Bluetooth headphones.

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