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AfD donation scandal: Belgian Weidels district association sent 150,000 euros.


AFD-fund scandal The Weidels district association has received a € 150,000 remittance from Belgium – remittance

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Wednesday evening, the Weidels District Assembly donated a second overseas donation. Wednesday evening, the Weidels District Assembly donated a second overseas donation.

Wednesday evening, the Weidels District Assembly donated a second overseas donation.

Source: dpa / Christoph Schmidt

Anonymous campaign contributions to AfD politician Alice Weidel are expanding.

  • First, the prosecutor announced that he wanted to investigate Weidel.
  • In the evening her district council recognized a second donation of 150,000 euros from Belgium.

DIn addition to a large donation from Switzerland to a party party, he received an additional € 150,000 in Belgium. It was out of ambiguity about origin but replied in Berlin on Wednesday evening. This money was received by the Bodenseekreis district with the sender "Stichting Identiteit Europa" on February 13th and sent after the test on May 9th.

The new process was delivered to the state officials on Tuesday by representatives of the local councils. Hans-Holger The Malcolm Combe Federal Managing Director notified the Bundestag administration on the same day.

Donations may have been recognized by the party. "However, the Afd district association Bodenseekreis undoubtedly could not determine the donor identity nor the motivation for the donor, so he finally decided not to accept the money from the" Stichting Identiteit Europa. "For this reason, "We did not send a notice in accordance with Paragraph 2 of Article 3, but remitted the entire remittance to the remitter."

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Reichstag Afis politician Alice Weidel

This paragraph sets forth the conditions under which a party may grant donations from abroad, for example by donations from the property of Germany or other EU citizens.

With the announcement of another remittance message to the AFD in Belgium, the party expected the media coverage. The WDR, the NDR and the "Süddeutsche Zeitung", the ARD portal "", which previously made major donations to Switzerland, were already received by Alice Weidel of Belgium in the Lake Constance district on the weekend. On Wednesday they asked Weidel for feedback. In the evening, the federal authorities released this procedure.

Determination of Inspection

In Switzerland's first major donation case, the prosecution announced that it wanted to investigate AFD faction leaders in violation of the law. A letter was sent to the Bundestag to abolish their congressional immunity privilege.

This was due to criminal charges required to investigate media reports and allegations of party contributions. But it was not clear whether there was actually a crime. The investigation can only be initiated if the exemption from the Bundestag is revoked. The deadline is 48 hours by Friday.

"Alice Weidel," a campaign donation for the purpose of payment in each case, was revealed in a report reported on Wednesday in Konstanz. Swiss donations were transferred to "Trusting Business Friends" by PWS Pharmawholesale International AG in Zurich, where WDR, NDR and research team "Süddeuthehe Zeitung" communicated. According to "", Weidels Kreisverband has paid € 16,000 in legal fees for Swiss money. At the end of 2017, you have only 107,000 euros left in your district account. Swiss donations are too low to be reimbursed. Money from EU countries – Party donations should be reported to the Federal Government (Bundestag) at € 50,000 instead of illegal Belgium – Moved to AfD data in February 2018. According to Weidel's information, the Swiss gross amount was reduced in April. According to the AfD in May, relocation to Belgium was repaid.

The name of the donor who sent money to the Weidels Kreisverband in Bodensee, Switzerland, remains in the dark. Brigitte Hinger, district commissioner of the district council, told German media outlets that "in spring, we spent around 130,000 euros in spring payments from Switzerland in spring, before questioning legality on the district council board The fact that this 8,000 euro has not been returned so far has only been shown earlier this week due to media reports on the issue she noted.

FDP: AfD's overall financial management confirmation

Baden-Württemberg AfD's important administration does not want to know about money from Belgium. According to Landesschatzmeister, Frank Kral and Landesparteichef Ralf Özkara expressed in accordance with "". Kral said he was not involved in any judicial review.

The FDP requires that President Boldestag of Wolfgang will review Afd's financial activities in a holistic manner. The FDA's spokesman, Konstantin Kuhle, commented, "Concerns about improper donations from Switzerland and breach of the obligation to notify after Belgian donations." "In the Stuttgart-based campaign, The activities of the "Association for" are under scrutiny. "

Donations over € 1000 per year and donors from non-EU countries are illegal. Unless the donor is a German. Weidel is a member of the AFD Parliamentary Group, a federal executive of the party and vice chairman of the district assembly. The federal administration wants to advise on this issue on Friday. Pursuant to the due process law, a party who illegally receives a donation and does not send it to the President of the Bundestag will be punished by three times the amount.

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