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Why do I go to France Insoumise


NDLR – Djordje Kuzmanovic, recently shortly before Jean-Luc Mélenchon, director of international affairs, was excluded from the list of non-alleged candidates for the European elections. In addition to this choice, the complete movement of fined France is carried out by ideological trends and targeted strategic choices. Prioritize stride for prioritizing social demand or supporting any social demands? Speak in # Name of & # 39; the "left" to collect or address the "people"?

After months of seduction and suffering – during that time of political and social crisis, the tendency of France looks tangible, especially incomprehensible – is the election commission of France Insoumise, the only body , which comes up with this gas-rich political formation, comes from my exclusion from the list of # Europeans served, together with François Cocq. This decision, which comes in spite of massive support from a large number of activists, loses the perpetrators of this movement simultaneously, as it lets the longest ideological conflict. Immediately in the press, it makes me publicly respond, my departure from & # 39; delete the FI and me to explain the determinants.

Since 2009, Jean-Luc Mélenchon has published his political project for me and hope I did not deserve it. The victory of Charlotte Girard's left leg – a longtime friend, I shared the experience of humanitarian activism, I invested myself until I was elected to the National Secretary for Defense and Human Rights. international. Since the beginning of IF, I have joined the new formation, in & nbsp; with the presidential campaign, then in a legislative campaign in a constituency of # 39; The Pas-de-Calais wound by industrialization and unemployment, now moving the yellow poems.

Incorporated France is deadlocked.

I do not tell the years of hard work and short nights. But a year and a half after the beautiful presidential campaign of 2017, the conspiracy France has been destroyed. I get a long time to try out the line that was just me; but the defective movements appear to me today structural and their reform, impossible. After list of European candidates, I can not remain a "national political speaker for the international and political questions" of this political party. I will prevent the decision makers from IF to avoid being in & # 39; the non-existent statutes the reasons to exclude me from this feature, whose definition does not exist anymore: I choose to leave it.

In addition to this latest event, motivate these important reasons. The first is the organization of motion. Responsible by the vast majority of activists and regional leaders, it is characterized by a profound lack of democracy. The horizontal and gum-shaped shape of motion, which is probably based on field initiatives, often suffers from the extreme concentration of force in & quot; The hands of a small group of new apparatchies and bureaucrats, with softly democratic social convictions, have not yet been elected, and they can not be removed from the office. The apparent deviation of hierarchy ensures a large part of functional functioning: the decisions are taken by this small nebula, without rules (absent) or consulting the base (without structure and expressions). For example, the acne groups – basal cells of 'IF' – can be overlooked, are suppressed by management and their initiatives, prohibiting misuse of mysterious "fundamental" of # 39; the movement. One case, among other things, the GA Hébert of the 18th arrondissement of Paris was corrected with a stake of pen, for the misdiction of a debate on "Islamist entry into" ordinary organizations ". It is not the case when the meeting was supplemented by militants of the Maghreb origin of witnesses of a black decade of # The FIS in Algeria and that on page 29 of Lenten and Common, the Insomnia are invited to "fight all commands and use religious policy." These authoritarian methods, in a movement that wants to popularize, keep the militants in the ground, the suffering of # 39; the laughter, the desperation and seduction.

Above or working modes is poorly an amateurism unworthy of a formation of 'ambition' ambition to the practice of ' the power

The contempt or mode of functioning implies an amateurism unworthy of a formation that is exercising the power. In addition to the lack of democracy, this form of organization also includes the chaotic aspect of motion. In the absence of clearly identified official agencies and references to any problem, the various "national speakers" and "temporary bookkeeping writers" do in disorderly initiatives, causing duplication and overlapping and excluding resignation. Running as a competing fraction manages to convince the leader that it is not the line line. I was personally involved in this problem as an IF speaker and coordinator of the International Policy Book, when I defended the Sahra Wagenknecht and their upstream movement, we have been named. Charlotte Girard, presided over the European list – a place that all honored people to reach a statue at the national level – also has organized organized chaos, both ineffective and anti-democratic, occurring in the garden Instead of the list under these terms.

The second reason for my progress is, more importantly, refers to the political line since the presidential election at the IF. Expected to be determined by the program The future in societyThis line has much to do with the economic situation. When the presidential campaign, Jean-Luc Mélenchon accused the breakthrough with the left-wing party, was promoted by the popularist strategy, the new IF framework, with the successful success and mostly of left militia, quickly return to their old reflections, the movement of motion away from & # 39; and most of the French people.

This line of 'united left', existing on & # 39; the intersection and non-hierarchization of camps – that is to say, the resistance to social science over the social – has led the movement to the & # 39; the way down. secondary or even margin. This can give an example, while the vast majority of French people are fighting against # 39; equality between men and women, most of them understood that priorities in the area refer to the equal pay, the reduction of female poverty, the deterioration of violence against women; and not write again.

A quasi-communist approach, close to the Anglo-Saxon model and profoundly opposed to the French republicanism

This trend hit in # 39; The European elections, following the tactical choice for focusing on 'populations' – voted the urban schools, these famous "boosters" – and making connections with left parties, harshly critically a year ago. This tour helped provoke the split of PS and authorize the alliance with the forces of Emmanuel Maurel and Marie-Noëlle Lienemann; On the other hand, he sent the IF away from & # 39; the average Frenchman, which he lost the connection with the country.

Worse, the choice is only on & nbsp; weeks & # 39; to lower among the lower classes the IF to create a quasi-communist approach, which is close to the Anglo-Saxon model and deeper to the French republicanism. The dominance of # leftist segments of & # 39; The IF in what part of Indian intelligence, the contempt for the police, would be the denial of the problem by Islamism and the resistance to the challenges of life. to get immigration We have the badness to wake up on our potential elections, so the IF it looks like the old lover often painted, guilty of the same helism, undermining realism and power.

At one time, the demonstrations of yellow poems – and the reactions they try – examine the relevance of Christophe Guilluy's analysis of the achievement of peripheral France, this choice of IF appears as a new and tragic avant-garde of # 39; The separation between the people and the elites, even if they are leftist.

This line seems to me not just to get rid of the ideological point of view – to make the interests of the largest number neglected – but also strategically, it's not really realistic. The traditional left is not, can not win by democratic means; It provides, in # 39 best predictions, only 30% of & # 39; science. As they stop in their hinges, it drives them as a result of 'Italian links', permanently spread as a puzzle.

Go down the popular classes

Instead of elimination of & # 39; The "Meeting Left", where the IF is present with a swarm of suitors, is the need for a wide rally, far beyond the left. To win, we need to look for and find the popular uprising classes, the "angry, but not foolish", the sovereigns who have had social justice, the upper classes in mourning for the greatness from their country or simply aware that such tensions and disasters between winners and losers of globalization are not ten. To join, we need a renewed program of National Council of Resistance, which speaks to all French except those who have fallen in the neo-liberal project – but they are not so much. We must continue to dominate the family strategy in order to confront the right to confront Macron, providing liberal all the streets, fostering social republics of all areas.

The current softline selected from 'IF' is also unrealistic, so people will feel the intuitive – the conditions sine qua non The realization of an adequate social program is the restoration of a real state sovereignty. Without money, a government, even the best intent, remains a prisoner of European treaties and financial markets, making it impossible to make all these measures impossible. A movement that hopes a majority of French citizens should be convinced should have a clear and fixed position on international alliances and, above all, Europe, without shame gazelle the exit of # 39; NATO and the opportunity to emerge from the European Union. But on all these things, because of the further use of some of the military, the IF has grown a year from the # 39; the soft focus. A long time in the heart of # 39; the European strategy of IF, & # 39; Plan B & # 39; losing the limbo, causing activists and sympathizers in shock as the learning in this area.

Even inequality in selection of candidates for European elections

The constitution and the work of the election commission responsible for drafting the FI list for the European elections are present at these two major failures in # 39; the movement. Formed by members who are managed by management or "signed" at the end of a deeply irregular procedure, this committee immediately came up with a tailor made body designed to allow the small group to be self-proclaimed leaders to satisfy. The candidate bodyproblem was distinguished by the same consummation. Activist, competence and seniority – three simple criteria of legitimacy – are immediately told. Thus, when the activists were called upon to order the order of 70 candidates, the committee made sure that the number of support for a particular candidate was not taken into account; According to Sophie Rauszer, one of the main organizers of the Plan B colleges, Corinne Morel Darleux, head of the European Network for Ecosocialism, even I, for international affairs, all working with us European partners, have been selected in the following places. Instead, the commission claim on criteria that were not compatible with the political situation: a left-wing cartellogic, any micro-formation must have its representative and candida by region. Finally, the process started with an electronical abstract of activists in a fully-known list, where Manuel Bompard, former director of # 39; The campaign of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the role of judge (he was the head of the electoral committee), party (he was head of men) and emperor (he was the man Voice checking and voicing votes) – a top of the democracy.

By choosing one candidate or the other, this double legitimacy has included the strategic direction of motion, the political color of # 39; the successful candidates who determine the tone of the campaign. The figures with republics and sovereign convictions that have been repaid or unplugged, confirm the list of the deadline of the "left-handed" deadline that just lost the FI elections in Essonne has got. But that was not enough; The representatives of this actress had to be withdrawn definitively, the election commission became a tribunal. To achieve this, the direction of IF used methods that were not very good, so I did not publish for the sake of & # 39; the movement and Jean-Luc Mélenchon. To attempt to "health society, secular and republic, the The future in society – or, if we want a historical reference, that of Jaurès – was the purpose of a campaign of attacks, seduction and intimidation. After asking you to hear this point by the election committee, I was relieved of my exclusion from the list. The next day I was surprised to explore the official reasons: my contemplation of the idea of ​​a hierarchy of the camp – that I believe – and a slightly looming continuous inclination – I would "make opinions" sexist " evidence I expect.

Despite the bulky form of this exclusion, its background is obviously political. Therefore, I do not see the value of # 39 in the & # 39; The context of this movement, however, is rich in judicial and bold activists – shrouded shoulders is a joy and honor, and a lifetime hope of hope – a long way from my concept of Common sense. I do not want to stop politics, but to defend a certain vision: an operation that holds explicit rules – a condition of democracy – and a political line behind that of a great meeting from & # 39; the French people, social justice and the sovereignty of France. I go with the feeling of a big surprise and a missed opportunity, but in the hope of participating in other camps, with all people of good will, still believe in the power of # 39 ; political regulation to the king's money and the supra-force.

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