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Who will buy the jewel of Marie Antoinette?


The lovers stop breathing tonight, until Sotheby's sale, and present the precious jewel of the French Queen to Geneva. Actors in Asia and the Middle East already showed interest. There is still work to be done by the French government.

Does Marie-Antoinette label guarantee success? Without this queen's source displayed by this curse, a passionate gem is sold tonight. Christie & # 39; s in Geneva would not have caused hype. For the end of the show, ten royal lineages auctioned at the end of the catalog had a world tour through Hong Kong to Dubai, New York, London, Singapore, Taipei, and finally Geneva.

"A few hours after the sale, we received a lot of orders in every way, suggesting that buyers from the Middle East and Asia can participate in the game." The Chinese, who love the kingdom and empire, have clearly understood the historical magic of this gem, As always, the museum did not reveal itself in order not to encourage competition or raise prices: only the short voices that the Hall of Fame Museum wanted to earn, number 87, Orders disassemble diamonds according to Charles X's will and reassemble them into a tiara on sale, but there is not yet a lot of Marie-Antoinette filtering out. "

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As for Timing questions, Charpentier was completely sold out of Pierre Bergé's houses in October and Sotheby's (Sotheby's) did not see these more precious jewelries in real life than photographs Explained. It missed 20 times until a small incident in France, a land of kings and queens, where these jewels are worth returning to, a place to go to the Louvre museum, to go to Versailles, and a house where Marie Antoinette escaped I will. I am with Louis XVI and his family at Varenne on June 21, 1791.

Before her departure, the queen sent her jewelry to Brussels, and these were passed on to her relatives in her hometown of Austria. Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, who were arrested in Varennes, were manned in October 1793 and their son, Louis XVII, was captured. In December 1795, Marie-Thérèse of France, the only survivor of the French Revolution, was released. Upon arriving in Vienna, the Austrian emperor gave him the precious jewel of his mother. Without the children, she left her niece a part of it and adopted her daughter Louise de France, the Duchess of Parma, the granddaughter of King Charles, and eventually returned to her son, Robert I. .

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Like all other sales, the people of Marie-Antoinette came from every point in Europe's scattered family. These jewelries sold in Geneva aimed at the jewelery market in the jewelry market are not a preemption, a weapon used intentionally by the French museum, and are often used as "national treasures." Territory and individual international auctions.

Stéphane Bern, a national heritage supporter, radio and TV broadcasters, alerted Sotheby in mid – October about selling Sotheby 's Twitter account. Before starting a discussion on BFMTV: "What if the Louvre and the Department of Culture bring their historical heritage to France?" "Certainly, it's a good idea to start, but to act, I immediately refuted, Pierre-Jean Chalençon, a famous collector of Napoleon memories became the star of the show. Event Closed France 2.

This enthusiastic fire reveals his treasure empire in Shanghai from the Himalayas Museum, raising funds to buy some of his famous jewelry. "Please, just saying that you like it is not enough," he said, adding that it is also important to join his level through the Facebook account. So keep clicking. "Taking advantage of his popularity, he shouted," What is sinking our heritage? Unless the French government takes any action, I am ready to leave my country when I need it and to provide my collections throughout. "Will he try to buy a lot of things behind his phone tonight? We often know the urge to turn into impulse.

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In the meantime, people who love historical memories stop breathing. According to estimates, the most expensive lot is a beautiful diamond pendant with a natural pearl of beautiful pear-shaped size (26mm x 18mm), ranging from $ 1 million to $ 2 million (€ 888.380 to € 1.78 million). Other highlights include beautiful pearl earrings between $ 200,000 and $ 300,000 and premium pearl necklaces of $ 70,000. Louis XVI's wife owned many diamond jewels, including this beautiful brooch of the late 18th century decorated with beautiful diamonds. The diamond knot was from Marie Antoinette, and the yellow diamond was added later. The value of jewelry is $ 50,000- $ 80,000. Finally, the ring with the initial "MA" and the queen 's hair is estimated to be between $ 8,000 and $ 10,000. A reasonable estimate to stimulate the buyer's appetite.

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