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VIDEO. "Impossible Love" makes Christine Angot more friendly (if possible)


Niels Schneider and Virginie Efira in Catherine Corsini's Impossible Love – Stephanie Branche / Charges Production / Covenant

  • The novel "Impossible Love" stirs up the story of Christine Angot's incestuous father and mother who has never seen anything.
  • Catherine Corsini provides a sensitive adaptation of the books considered to be sulfurous.
  • Virignie Efira and Niels Schneider implement novelists' parents as a particularly inspired work.

Wear the screen. Impossible love of
Christine Angot calls for boldness and delicacy.
Catherine Corsini shows these two by embracing the autobiographical story of incestuous father and mother who have not betrayed anything.

Virginie Efira is a blind mother, a daughter who has been incarnated for many years, from her passion for life to the abandonment of a man who ruined her life.
Estelle Lescure then
Camille Bertomie. Actor
Niels Schneider, Chiayi Black DiamondIt brings a baffling arrogance to the character of a living father. "It's not just about sex, it's about social class," explains Catherine Corsini. 20 minutes. It makes this story very angry and exciting.

Stubborn woman

The young bourgeois warns that from the beginning of the relationship, he will not marry his poor lady. Even when she is pregnant and decides to raise a child. "This woman's stubbornness fascinated me, Beautiful season. She refuses to abandon the case even if she refuses to reveal her name to her child. An indifferent father returns to the latter if he cares for his teenager.

"Christine Angot freed women's voices," Catherine Corsini claims. I admired the courage she showed me. The mother, incarnated by the more certain Virginia movie Efira, is not a victim but a daughter! "That's what interests my character," says the filmmaker. They are giving amazing strength to their trials. Their evolution is one of the highlights of the film as it was already in the novel.

Powerful movie experience

Christine Angot and her eighth mother thoroughly support this adaptation. When women are getting more and more heard, their story takes an exemplary line. Catherine Corsini says, "When the crowds feel sorry for me at the premiere, I realize that. I think my movie is useful for blaming patriarchy." Impossible love Not only that: this work which requires a built-in is also a strong experience of the film.

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