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Unemployment insurance: Macron's tense negotiations begin


Paris-social partners on Friday 9 November 2018 reaffirmed their red line on Friday at the start of a tough unemployment insurance negotiation, in which Emmauel Macron was somewhat hampered by a statement on the bonus context that plagues employers.

At the end of September, executives presented their colors to social partners. We will save between 3 and 3.9 billion euros over three years. Goal: Accelerate return to employment, reduce instability, and reduce indigenous debts.

How will one of the nodes of the negotiations stop Unédic from exploding an expensive short contract? Candidate Macron says "Bonus paralysis"I impose fines on abusive companies and promise the government is blowing hot and cold.

The issue was scheduled to be discussed in the last few negotiations, which are scheduled to end in mid-January. But she was invited to the table early on Friday. After Lens (Pas-de-Calais), Emmanuel Macron reaffirmed his promise in a bilateral statement referring to the bonus paralysis, but reaffirmed that discussions within the branch are also user-preferred solutions.

"We started at the beginning of next year, but since we started this discussion branch by a professional branch, we encourage companies to change their habits when the business changes little by little."He said in an answer to the question on the round table.

The employer immediately responded. "Bonus Ace, imagined by the government, destroys casual and casual jobs without creating a CDI!", President Medef, Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux.Next to the President of the Republic #. Bonus penalty: Stop or Encore? So, Negotiation # Insurance Unemployment: Stop or Encore?"Meanwhile, CPME spokesman François Asselin tweeted while the negotiators were still in the room.

"This has created some excitement and tension for employers."CFDT Emmanuel Macron"I can not. Leave time to negotiate"Jean-François Foucard (CFE-CGC) said with a creak.

– Two-stage system –

Session "philosophy"And"Construction of the regime"Financing is now partly provided through a tax (CSG) instead of Social Security contributions.

This discussion was centered on the solidarity provision proposed by the second stage unemployment insurance Medef and the proposal for the insurance portion managed by the social partners.

Marylise Léon (CFDT)In principle, it does not reject the two-tier system, but many questions"CFE-CGC Michel Beaugas (FO) is not that benevolent."Low Fees".

"We do not work hard yet."Negotiations are the words of Denis Gravouil (CGT), who blasted the required savings, as soon as he arrived at the Unédic headquarters, he tore up a letter that made up the government in a small piece.

Everyone redesigned the red line. first "Down."The assignment reminded CDFT that like all other unions, it does not want rights to decline.

Eight unions and employer organizations alsopermittence"Alternating between employment and unemployment, which includes various devices such as benefits and the possibility of accumulating some of the benefits.

Amendments to intermittent systems are also at risk.

Eventually, if not satisfied, the status will restart the pen.

"We have come here to limit the damage, above all."Eric Courpotin (CFTC)A little nervous atmosphere".

On the employer side, Medef told himself "Attached to jointly managed insurance and contribution systems"I worry about this"Hybrid system".

The unions and employers have been working on reforms this year that have expanded the rewards for Emmanuel Macron to more resignations and some independent campaign promises. Ink of this reform barely came out this summer and the president of the Republic asked for reopening the site and revising all compensation rules while the last convention came into effect. Only one year.

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