Wednesday , December 8 2021

To punish a student, the director forces him to smoke (video) – Voltage


The principal of the elementary school chose a strange punishment for the students he wanted to blame.

Authority goes up in smoke.

This story is happening. IndonesiaScarborough Mississippi Elementary School. Eight-year-old eight-year-old child with a cigarette in school. One or both, they are sent from the office of Tati Maelati, office. Then the children wait without hurting to find their source of food. After reflection, The director decides that the best punishment for apprentice smokers is smoking.. The strange resonance he describedI want to prevent children from smoking. Problems as soon as possible: The scene was filmed and the children had a good time. A smile and a cigarette with a beak in a good sense of humor! Some even experienced a smoking attitude.

This video scanned Internet users, but the school's teachers Parents of students who immediately expelled their children from school.

In Indonesia, 65% of men smoke.. The explanation might be to watch this video.

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