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Surveying that the man is not enough to lose weight, suggests a surgeon in neuroscience and an endocrinologist médecin.

Fabien Dworczak, PhD, is a researcher in neurosciences and public affairs at the National Institute of Health and Inseminate Research. Cet article has been co-authored with Lélia Bracco, endocrinologist médecin. It's a great addition to the book, The Conversation under Creative Commons license. Lire the original article.

It has been 10 years since infertile infertility has reported that tuberculosis, HIV / AIDS and its constituent, on the world scale, the primary concern of public health. But today, another threat is getting worse: the transmissible diseases, telling the diabetic or cardiovascular diseases. These are a down-to-earth sanitation, in the payrolls as low as the low yields. Or, the 2% of the total funding allocated by the international health partners is consensus to the fight against illnesses.

For combatants, the fight against the epidemic of obesity that has been part of the planet is a priority.

The constat is alarming: the obesity is to boost partout on the planet, and reach the riches of wealth as the pays to the emergence. The childhood observer, in particular, is developing the way forward with, in 2014, 41 million children under five years of overpopulation or obesity. According to Gilles Fumey, professor of geography at ESPE-Paris and author of the project Géopolitique de l'alimentation, "More than a billion people are a ponderal charge in the world with a mass market index (IMC> 25) and at least 300 million people are obese (IMC> 30). The surplus and the occurrence of causing 3 millions of deaths annually ".

The repercussions of these weight-loss factors are the ones that concern the origins of the number of maladies involving a decrease in the liver's expectations of the health and well-being of the public health budgets. It does not have the sole purpose of metabolism as the diabetes, the hypertension, the hypercholesterol, the cardiovascular disease and the atherosclerosis, but also the arthritis, pathogens and a frequency improvement some certificates.

An epidemic, in the course of this banality, the problem of the excess weight remains a genuine solution to the global plan, in the midst of its great complexity.Lélia Bracco and Fabien Dworczak

The result is that the effects of the many heterogeneous factors are: surconsommation, malbouffe, sedentary, accelerated rhythms of stress, stress, social exclusion … The causes of genetic factors, neurohormone, psychology, but also the phases of restrictions foods to the bi-directional mode in the central nervous system. This dialogue is translated primarily by the place that pleases people in food. The pleasure is anticipated by the candle, resuscitated by the senses, and lingers with the environment, but also with the memory, as illustrated by the famous anecdote of the Proust madeleine.

The fun can also provide a hormonal modulation of appetite and saturated sensation, depending on individual needs, of the sensitivity of the cerebral areas implicated in the system of compensation and autocontrol. This neurohormonal cascade, which creates a complex mix between the emotions, the stress and the diet, is clean. It is based on the cohesion of genetic and epigenetic susceptibility, psychological parameters and environmental influences.

Comprendre comment aut'-influencent ces divers facetsurs pour permettre de mieux lutter contre l'obésité, en déjudingly the stigmatisations have been reported to the culpability or to the negatives. The number of people who lost their weight will be, an effect, and a psychological suffering. Or, the angoisse, as fun of the manger, can help to nourish the real physiological need.

The worrying effects of the obesity on the health are not the result of the "physical" medicines, for any reduction in weight. Another aspect, indispensable to the level of corpulence, is the psychic suffering. The complexity of the management of this kind is the cause of the causes, multiples (problems of the so-called sussi, pensées obsédantes …), which is a charge. The psychiatric effect can be paradoxically, aggravated by the precautionary measures to lose weight and therefore be treated indirectly with the nutritional question.

By following the nutritional needs in the long run, the feeling of failure and the culpability is omnipresent.Lélia Bracco and Fabien Dworczak

The need to pay for the objections and the surprises needed to disprove a large number of practical processes in the case of a simple hygiene method. At this time, any approach that is aware of sustainable efficacy, the authority of health remains at the list of individuals and offers a global body of understanding, and a mere account of the society's contradictions. This implies the effect and in the end, the consumption, the desires … And therefore, by the same, the frustrations and descent. We are the victims of high-risk victims of unrestricted rayons breaking down industrial foods, irresistible packages, calorie crushes!

This industrialization of foods is translated by an enrichment and grease and sugar, which enhances the pleasingness of the palate and, therefore, increases the growth. It is the primary factor of illness as the diabetes. These dietary supplements have been compared to the food grade levels of elevated levels. Our capacities of physiological regulation are carried on this nutritional value. The sensation of satiety rests and effectively on the expansion of the estomac, which is interpreted as a signal that the foods have been satisfactory.

By the way, the excessive dietary feeds the appearance of addictive compounds. In addition, poor nutrition, our physiological balance is also adapted to changes in the fashion of modern life, plus sedentary.

It is not just that the apparent appearance of a pays is correlated to its level of economic development and industry. Elle is favored by the urbanization and earns in the first place the favored social classes. From the economic level, it is also committed to ensuring a tough business between beneficiaries of the agri-sector sector profits and major distribution and the consequences of the exponential increase in the cost of health by the objections and the degree of degradation the quality of nutrition.

At the current time, to lose weight, the most effective solution is the surgical surgery (bariatric surgery). The account of this nature is invasive and irreversible, but still remains reserved for the obsolete or complicated objections. The dietary modification and transformation of the hygiene of life, as the fight against sedentary, disrupts the incontournables of weight reduction.

It's easier than ever to follow a lot of medicines, social or emotional issues, and it is a matter of long periods of effort, struggle, control and confiance, and so on, number Persons fined by "crack", and lead to a paradoxical increase in dietary rates and weight. Lélia Bracco and Fabien Dworczak

To avoid the impasse, the compromise of the vicious circles that prevents this resistance to change is indispensable. The facts for exploring the neurobiological psychological plan.

The person suffering from obsessive disappearances in the elsewhere of the presidency. The news announces the capacity of the cables to remodel the possibility of changing its habitats and favorable transformation throughout the ages.

And for those who have lived with an excess of weight, they have to ask the question of the free arbitre and the possibilities, for the sake of living autism.The Conversation

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