Wednesday , December 8 2021

Threats to Macron: four proponents of the righteous


They called for a plan to attack President Conkron on the occasion of the November 11th anniversary. Ultra right arrest in Moselle Tuesday's four sympathizers were indicted Saturday for anti-terrorism judges.

Emmanuel Macron is on a week-long trip to Paris in the highlands of France during World War I this weekend in Paris. Under high security, the 100th anniversary of the end of the conflict is held in front of about 70 heads of state and government.

Since Tuesday, the extremely narrow four-member sympathizers between the ages of 22 and 62 have been awarded to the Parisian magistrate and charged with "criminal terrorist crime conspiracy" and possession of unauthorized weapons. Relations with terrorist companies.

Two suspects were arrested, including major suspects. The other two were temporarily imprisoned until they had a controversial delay in detention.

They are one of the six who were targeted Tuesday by the Internal Security Administration (DGSI) anti-terrorism crackdown. During the operation, the investigator touched the gun.

Two suspects saw their custody lifted on Thursday and Friday.

All are described as follows. "Supernatural spirit", "survivalist tendency" According to sources, information services followed.

In the telephone exchange, the small group members mentioned the project, including attacking the president, the source said. Of the project"Violent behavior", "inaccurate and unclear" A source close to the investigator said on Tuesday.

"I think the attack project is not successful." She explained then, "But there is still a background to celebrate November 11th."

The threat was serious enough to trigger a preliminary investigation by the prosecution on October 31, leading to Tuesday operations.

Investigators were arrested when Jean-Pierre B., who lives near Grenoble, moved east of France and "Emmanuel Macron" moved to France "east." The anniversary was based on a source close to the file and he had a dagger when he was arrested in Moselle.

This 62-year-old retired man, presented as a major suspect, is an animated page of Isère's "Barjols" Facebook page, a "patriotic" group that was created after Macron's election in June 2017, "European guidelines", "mass immigration" and "The rise of Islam" "Said Denis Collinet, president of AFP.

His motto: "ACTION here is a solution," you can read on the nationwide Facebook page of an organization that claims 4770 subscribers.

His boss voluntarily testified to the police to dispute the group's "violent" nature and his membership in the extreme right.

"We are not terrorists … (…) We are mostly political groups and have life at most ages, and of course there is hatred, but not at the point of violence." He told AFP on Saturday.

"I think he could not imagine." He argues about his "friends" and "right-handed pitchers" who left the band three months ago.

The two joined on November 17, the day they called for roadblocks against fuel injuries, and Denis Collinet is widely relayed.

Since 2017, counter-terrorism services have already carried out at least two different operations in ultra-narrow area movements. The capabilities of this area have been revived by the authorities, even if considered "limited". Of DGSI


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