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The meeting intends to find the creation of a loud sum


One man smells cannabis in a demonstration for legalization advantage, May 2 in Paris.
One man smells cannabis in a demonstration for legalization advantage, May 2 in Paris. THOMAS SAMSON / AFP

The National Assembly was on Friday, November 23, the establishment of a fixed fine of 200 euros to better offset the illegal use of narcotic drugs, previously pronounced by a prison sentence and a large window. The article, adopted by the deputies by 28 votes to 14 in the first lecture of the jury project, will include establishing the number of cannabismen: five million in 2017, including 700,000 daily users, according to official figures.

Minister of Justice Nicole Belloubet defended a measure "Results of Important Work" of Parliament's information section Cannabis rediscovered by Eric Pouillat (The Republic in collaboration, LRM), ensure that the permanent end "Works well for other types of contracts". She also stood "The range of possible answers", the Public Ministry maintains the opportunity to tackle the offense in criminal justice. The repressive framework has been established since 1970, such as the drug that the debtor will face in prison for up to one year and 3,750 euros.

"Do we want to repair the problem?"

Several elected representatives from the left have found a health response with this measure, the minister responds that the find "Will not come into public in public health". For this reason, Pierre Dharréville (French Communist Party, PCF) defended an amendment to the article's read, but also at the height of the consequence of preparing disadvantaged youth. "This is not the kind of provision that will improve the health status", has added David Habib (Socialist Party, PS), the name of the character "Envy" of measure measure.

"Do we want to repair the problem?", also asked Ugo Bernalicis (Enrolled France, LFI). "If you want to fight traffic and traders, let us legalize you"he said. Marine Le Pen (National Rally, RN) felt that the apartment had come back again "To handle consumption"if the amount is "Low" the boy, to the end "Huchelderij".

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Clearly expanded to other crimes

The club office, which was originally 300 euros, was in commission after 200 euros after & # 39; t changed to 200 euro to prevent the username of users. Several associations, some judges and police have provided "The Famous Failure" a healing repressive measure. In addition to the illegal use of narcotics, the article of 'pompbunto' is expanded to attain other maladies, including the sale and supply of alcohol to a lesser and penetration rate in terminations. .

The deputy added to the commission the attack on the sale, the minister has himself in & the session is required to make "By arrangement" a ticket to earn the purchase of tobacco by chance, in response to a request from the chosen LRM. At the initiative of "Walkers", the deputies have added the disruption of occupying lobbies to the hospital bureau safely. The Minister published a note Wisdom & # 39;, speaks specifically of the risk of"System Services" to be the misconduct "Too complicated" characterize.

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They also extended the safe procedure of the # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # the animals.

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