Tuesday , January 31 2023

The market provides "good fuel" to his constituents


Lochura Molière Mayor (Loire) has decided to provide citizens with "good fuel" up to 50 euros per month with a drastic action against rising pump prices.

The municipality's Eric Berlivet Mayor (formerly UDI, SE) said on Friday that the Smic people had adopted the Boost principle of taking their cars to work. 10,000 residents.

Eric Berlivet has announced to our fellow members that they have decided to "give solidarity and fair support to those who are generally out of financial support".

15 to 40 kilometers

The goal of this coupon, worth 50 euros in full-time, is part-time proportional allocation, "encouraging people with jobs that do not give up on new impressions of 7%" Taxes on fuel scheduled for January 1 " (Etienne) adds the city's first magistrate.

The voucher will be distributed for 6 months starting January 1.

Another condition to benefit from it is to travel 15 to 40 kilometers to work, specifying the elected person who desires "action privilege for criticism" because there is financial support, and is still the potential beneficiary of this aid.

The mayor lent his support to Emmanuel Macron during the presidential election.

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