Thursday , October 6 2022

Ten people were injured in a house explosion at Grand-Fort-Philippe.


This Sunday, at the end of the afternoon, There was an explosion in the house. Located on a small street at the entrance to Grand Fort Philippe near the Super U Shops. We count. Ten people with various degrees of injuries – many burns – but no important prognosis was achieved.. Two of them were transferred to Calle Hospital. An eight month old baby has been evacuated. My grandmother guarded the house and looked after firefighters.

Very important backup device Firefighters, Samu, GRDF and police. The team is still there and sends good parts in the evening or at night. The origin of the explosion is not yet known, so the risk of a new explosion has not yet been ruled out. As a result, Neighbors are trapped in the house.The shutter is closed. Zune Éric Étienne also went there.

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Neighbors on adjacent streets hear a loud noise and report that they felt a vibration in their house. Then he went out to see what was happening. He saw a bloody man in his garage coming to his daughter. The neighbors then entered the garage. But the vision was too bad. All residents of the household whose owners are in their 60s are out of the house.

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