Saturday , May 28 2022

Stephen Hillenburg, creator of SpongeBob, is dead


The cartoon, launched in 1999, has a lot of success in over 150 countries. This Tuesday, Stephen Hillenburg, the creator of the character "Sponge Bob" died 57 years.

He was a neurodegenerative disease, according to the Nickelodeon television channel. In 2017 he himself had diagnosed with amyotropic lateral sclerosis (ALS) or Charcot's disease. A disease for which there is no treatment.

His character, "squirrels" as the singer of the cartoon, crosses many adventures to the # 39; the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.

The television series is also twofold to the big screen, totaling $ 475 million in revenue.

Belief on the oceans, Stephen Hillenburg began his professional career as professor of marine biology in Dana Point, California in 1984. Before going to animation, believes Le Monde.

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