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Stan Lee, the founder of Marvel superhero pantheon, died.


Stan Lee, 2002 Santa Monica office.
Stan Lee, 2002 Santa Monica office. Lead sag / AP

Hulk, Iron Man, and many other superheroes are now orphaned. An Associated Press lawyer at the Los Angeles clinic said Monday that Stanley, an American writer and comic book publisher, died on Monday (November 12th). TMZ. Stan Lee is 95 years old.

The aviator's goggles for his signature and smiley face, thick mustache are permanently linked to Marvel Comics's economic and artistic adventure, a published giant. pulp, Cheap novel magazines and American comics. Opportunistic fools for his slanderers, genius for mocking others, Stan Lee was able to claim paternity rights for much of the 5,000 heroes in the Marvel catalog.

The occasional "Stan The Man" with designer Jack Kirby or Steve Ditko produced industrial superheroes. He is also famous for being made into an art register that has reserved American comics for the youngest. "I did not dream of manga as a child, I wanted to be an actor, my first hero was Errol Flynn"Stanley spoke his glory entirely at the beginning of the documentary. With great power: Story of Stan Lee, Announced in 2010.

After several years of weakness, he was shaken by his wife Joan's death in July of 2017, 70 years of marriage, and Marvel's star continued to appear openly.

Stan Lee is the first in the 2012 Los Angeles movie "The Avengers".
Stan Lee will premiere the Avengers in LA in 2012. Matt Sayles / AP


Born December 28, 1922 in New York as a Jewish immigrant from Romania, his real name, Stanley Martin Lieber, grew up in the Washington Heights during the Great Depression. On a very modest background, young Lieber does strange work to help his home after studying at DeWitt Clinton High School at Bronx University.

With the help of his uncle Robbie Solomon, Lee applied to pulp publisher Timely comic book, Who will be Marvel Comics in the early 1960s? His boss, Martin Goodman, is a cousin of Stanley's cousin. He hired him in 1940 as an assistant and handyman. He is not 18 yet. A fluent and convincing young Stanley is quickly found on the knees of Tim Simon's star designers Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. Lieber serves coffee and brings sandwiches, but he already erases or re-reads the board.

Stanley Lieber's first contribution is a double page of text written in 1941. Captain America, A patriotic hero created by Simon and Kirby. At that time, there were two pages of manga that were written to receive preferential postage benefits, but the author was confident that he had no problems in delegating the draft and did not read it.

Soon, the young editor abandons his name for the alias Stan Lee. "I reserved Stanley Martin Lieber as a great novel that I never wrote."He explained in the documentary. With great power: Story of Stan Lee. Stanley, a frenzied worker, wrote a series of series of scripts with a different set of pseudonyms suggesting Timely hired a large number of writers.

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20 o'clock editor

Stan Lee becomes editor-in-chief when Joe Simon and Jack Kirby compete for disagreements paid to Martin Goodman. He is 20 years old and oversees the writing of comics, creates dialogues, and writes new stories. Captain America Start a humorous cartoon. Prior to joining the Army in October 1942, I joined Signal Corp, a military communications service. At the end of World War II, Stan Lee moved to the prestigious Empire State Building as the editor of Timely. He will remain in position for nearly 30 years with a record under the nickname "Bullpen" given to Marvel editorial staff.

In the 1950s, when cartoons were accused of promoting juvenile delinquency, cartoon sales of superheroes were half mast. At the right time, Atlas is currently trying to address the crisis of number distribution structure. Stan Lee has a sophisticated script for all sorts of comics: a romantic and humorous adventure for teenagers, westerners and science fiction, by devoting themselves to the best-selling movie titles.

At the end of the decade, I think the screenwriter is tired and resigns after 20 years of work. He is one of Martin Goodman's full-time employees.

Machine restarted.

At the same time, comic book, the first place in DC is a genre with great success Justice League of America. The adventures of Wonder Woman and its allies led by Flash occupy the top spot in US sales. Goodman Stanley, who seeks to benefit from revival, summarizes their own "super vengevers" team.

Along with the encouragement of former British model and actress Joan, who married in 1946, he breaks the classic narrative habits and sees absolutely the story of comic strips more suitable for adults. Supported by talented Kirby – he rebuilt it in 1958 – Stan Lee Fantastic 4 Success is steadfast, not immediate. Fantastic 4 It will be the longest series published by Marvel by 2011.

In the process, Lee and Kirby imagine more superheroes than anyone else and bring back amazing machines. Wreck (1962), Thor (1962), X-Men (1963) Avengers (1963). With cartoonists Steve Ditko, Don Heck or Bill Everett, we will have other superhuman humans who have now passed on to their descendants. Ironman (1963) Dull (1964) or Spiderman (1962). Many names that symbolize this age are called "Silver Age" manga.

Superman The Human

Much more than machine gun ideas, Stan Lee uses his own recipe to transform grandiose genres. Fantastic 4 In the next creation. By 1961 the characters were lacking in life and flesh. Lee breathes psychology and personality to the main character armed with extraordinary strength. Like Fantastic 4, The superheroes of the 1960s are big mouths, lax, and sometimes dislike their powers. Therefore, Hulk and things think of themselves as monsters. Iron Man has a problem with drinking. While each person has the right to own publications, many heroes share adventures and rub shoulders in the same universe most of the time in New York.

While the American Comic Code Author censors the coarse parts and claims of cartoons, Stan Lee captures and displays social expressions of subject and time. Bruce Banner Thinking about turning nuclear physicist Hulk causes atomic threats. The frustration of young Peter Parker (Spider-Man) resolves the problem of heart attack, the target of puberty. In the 1966 Civil Rights Movement, Han Seung-yeop brought life not only to blacks but also to Blackbeard, a black hero. Together with Iron Man, he provokes compassion for the mouth-watering military service. In X-Men's script he releases a complete record of separation, difference, and exclusion.

The skilled artisan of his own legend

"True Marble Circus's faithful and faithful Stan Lee organizes the succession and choreography of key issues, tracks the most prominent writers and continues to speak for the public"I write Jean-Marc Lainé in his biography. Homer of Stan Lee, XXElectronic century (2013 year volume). For editorial purposes, Stan Lee adds activities to the creation of fan clubs to maintain derivative products, readers' mail, and public and public offerings.

This is the "bullpen" crazy era. Ten years ago, the job of a cartoonist was despised, and Stan Lee took the artist by performing a cartoonist in a magazine and quoted every name in the comic book credits. Do not forget to mention yourself. Even though he is holding a pencil longer, "Stan Lee" Systematically imposed on the entire catalog.

This worship of personality as well as delicious profit announced by surprise afflicts the good atmosphere of appearance. Employees and writers need to be aware of the hero's paternity while increasing and sharing benefits. There is a great deal of tension between Lee, Kirby and Ditko, or reappearing.

As a screenwriter, Stan Lee needs to write a story. However, he prefers to delegate the story very early in order to reserve a writing conversation. "Despite the original idea, I put the word into the bubble."He explained. He then discards the editorial control of the journal little by little. He puts his character in the same candle as Roy ThomasAvengers) Or lenewine (Thor Spiderman). US University Tour, Relations with the Media: He gave up his paper and since 1972 has been a dedicated Marvel outside.

At the same time, he left New York in Los Angeles and oversaw several TV adaptations of superheroes like the series. Spiderman or The Amazing Hulk. He therefore intervenes in about 15 projects that put the marvel of heroes in movies, cartoons and series on the screen. These are difficult to materialize.

Independence and reliability

Marble 's economic ruin and artistic bankruptcy led to the company' s purchase of a publisher, Poison Billy, through speculation and speculation of the cartoon market in the 1990s. Stan Lee's contract renegotiation. He signed with Ike Perlmutter and Avi Arad, two Israeli entrepreneurs who became bosses. He is appointed as honorary president for a lifetime and maintains his title as a producer for the character's altered film, and is not specifically monopolized. Stan Lee can work for other publishers like Marvel's main competitor, DC Comics.

This sudden independence does not confuse Lee. In 1998, he founded Stan Lee Media to create works on the Internet, including online broadcasts of the new superhero space. The company will go bankrupt after two years and the executives will be charged with embezzlement. Never worry, Stan Lee, innocent, Pow in 2001! A production company that develops entertainment, TV and film projects. He will co-produce movies with Disney.

Lee is very active, but the last time does not help him. "Over the past decade commentators, historians and fan communities have been reviewing their judgment.Jean-Marc Lainé, There are more and more people who know how to make the most of the talents of others with their sly fox. " Consistently in an open statement, Stan Lee tends to build legends and publishing houses from time to time.

Get popularity again.

The release of an ordinary movie transformed from his work strengthens the boldness. In the early 2000s, the trend reversed with the driving force of Avi Arad. Some of the feature films of the superhero in the Marvel Catalog attract charms as comic readers: X-Men Brian Singer. "Stan The Man" is invited to Hitchcock style cameo film. It is a greedy pleasure that he systematically renews.

Driven by a tireless ambassador and spotlight, he senses red rugs during the preview and moves the public to other fan conventions. Since 1992 she has taken her role as a consultant and creator for filming and comics. With success, her grace and popularity are returning. In January 2011, I took the star at the Hollywood Hall of Fame at the age of 88.

Stan Lee has not had more than 70 years of experience. Conclusion of the documentary With great power: Story of Stan LeeHe declared: "Retirement is a bad word, I will be punished after I already do what I like, I just want to have more time."

Stanley 5th

December 28, 1922 : Born in New York

1,940 : Enter Timely Publisher to be an amazing comic artist in the early 1960s.

1,961 : "Fantastic Four"

2,000 : Join the movie adaptation of many heroes in the Marvel catalog.

November 12, 2018 : Death at 95

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