Thursday , June 24 2021

Soon there was a fierce competition in the National Assembly.

Education – MoDem proposes to ban ordinary education violence. MPs are scheduled to vote on November 29th.

Will France not promise propaganda? This idea comes out on a regular basis, but you can vote in the National Assembly this week. On November 29, the House of Representatives will be asked to vote on a bill against ordinary violence against education (VEO) filed by MP MoDem, Maud Petit.

Some of the behaviors that are often tolerated in the education of children in 54 countries and in children's education that is now in place in France are sparking or tapping, threatening, shouting or humiliating remarks. The Parisian, who has access to the legislation of the left-wing coalition, said the hearing began Thursday on the law enforcement board.

"Children have the right to education without violence, and parents' rights holders can not use humiliating means such as physical, verbal violence, punishment or punishment, moral suffering." This is what this text specifically says.

The idea is for parents to understand that violence can not educate their children. This legislation, which is being educated, will not be accompanied by criminal penalties, and citizens will be explained daily according to the rules of nature 'exclusive'. This text can be inserted as "Rights and Obligations to Maximize the Benefit of the Child" in Article 371-1 of the Civil Code on Parental Authority.

"Several government officials voted in favor of this ban"Maud Little MP MoDem

The Criminal Code prohibits physical violence against children, but the case law allows for the last recognized "right to correction" in 2014. In France, many attempts to regulate VEO have failed.

Amendments to the Civil Code were passed in December 2016, but for procedural reasons, the Constitutional Council inspected them at the end of January 2017. MP Maud Petit submitted a bill with François-Michel Lambert last February, but did not adopt the agenda. Finally, an amendment released by Laurence Rossignol (PS) in July was rejected. He was planning to ban this practice.

Maud Petit said today that he is "optimistic" and said that "several members of the government voted for the ban." According to her, education violence often leads to abuse.

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