Wednesday , February 24 2021

Shawn Mendes: Gay? "J'aimerais dire que je m'en fiche, mais ce n'est pas vrai"

As Hugh Jackman or Tom Cruise is in front of her, Shawn Mendes songwriter is often advertised as homosexual on the Toile. The artist of 20 years has given an interview in the magazine Rolling Stone In fact, it is a reward for those who are agitated.

Despite the stress that caused the fact that the object of the rumors was to be questioned in his sexual preference, Shawn Mendes declares:J'aimerais dire que je m'en fiche, mais ce n'est pas vrai. This is an enormous amount of inflation in the face of the last five years of my homosexuality. You love the mon coeur, you have the desire to be happy with it – once it is – and public to prove to the people that you are gay. Even though my cousin is so bad that it's not a mauvaise chose to be gay, it's a part of my life, and you're part of it."

Interprètte du tube In My Blood, that at this time a couple with Hailey Baldwin (Justin Bieber's eyelashes), she tries to explain the reasons why the pens is a gender that is gay, the answer is growing with 15 cousins ​​do not coiffait the hairs and peigns the nails. "It may be that you have a lot more feminine than ever. C'est ce qui fait que je suis moi", a-t-il dit.

The sexuality of Shawn Mendes can give rise to the fame as soon as she has accepted the broncher Taylor Swift has met the paillettes on the yeux. The song is also featured in the midst of the demo and the dumps on the social networks on the fact of the faces of another star other than the soup of being gay … Nick Jonas.

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