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Rum Route: Thrilling Finals in Guadeloupe – Route du Rum


François Gabart and Francis Joyon are expected this Sunday at Pointe-à-Pitre. In what order? The advantage of Gabart, however, remains suspense.

At Pointe-a-Pitre,

The most spectacular transatlantic crossing can produce good results for 40 years. It's not the famous "98 Seconds Eternal" of 1978 between Mike Birch and Michelle Malinowski. But it's definitely worth a look. Route du rum suggests an exciting arrival this Sunday with a delicious duel between François Gabart and Francis Joyon, after the first difficult days marked between dantesque weather conditions and cascading damages, especially the ultimate. Since Monday, the captain of the harder leader, Macif, has seen his good leads melt into the approach of the West Indian arc. At 2:45 am (France time) On Sunday, the Idec Sport was no more than 78 miles away from the blue-white-yellow Maxi-Trima and 6 knots faster. Did François Gabart take care of the horse before beginning the dangerous journey on the island? possible. Meanwhile, the 62-year-old "Menhir Locmariaquer" will do everything to write a dirty trick to a younger (age 35) during the island trip, which is the true definition of the 11th edition of peace.

"read –Stainless Joyon shoots "madly" on his stomach to catch the part.

Saturday, Joyon confessed. On his boat, "Shoot like crazy."Franck Cammas (2010) and Loïck Peyron (2014) won the last two editions of Rum. I hope to give him 3.Electronic When you step on the crown, you must arrive at the island of Tête à l'Anglais in the north of Basse-Terre and it takes less than 100 hours (about 3 hours). And it complicates the work of Gabart expected north of the island between 11: 00-13: 00 in the local northern part of the time zone (5-6 hours later) by seeing devents, Sargassum rafts and delicate bottled rum buoys. wire). Strange weather conditions, streams of rapids and rapids, calm serenity and everything between squalls. What is the great zenitude of Gabat? It still has to be seen.

Idec Sports Boss Flew By Joyon

I can not play young players, but Joyon was proud of the seventh rum. We were proud of the unexpected seventh rum until we had a new pair (Edmond de Rothshild, Banque Populaire IX). "If Francis is still fighting for victory over the last few hours of the game, Idr Sport's President Patrice Lafargue is really good. I knew he was motivated, but I was a little worried about the competition of the last generation boats And Francis is playing in front of 35 years of Gabart talent and his successful boat, and at the age of 62, it's amazing, I wonder how far he will go. "Pointe-A-Pitre Everyone was asking the same question as the verdict approached.

1978-2018: 40 years of rum and drunkenness

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