Tuesday , January 31 2023

Royal candidate for president again? "perhaps"


The former Secretary of Ecology said that the fight for the Earth Sunday was "probably" passed by the President of the Republic.

Former presidential candidate Ségolène Royal did not promise to be a candidate again on Sunday.

Ségolène Royal replied that "for the first time in a program called" 20H30 Sunday "I did not ask myself if I had given up on the idea of ​​the French president.

European candidates?

"What I can say more accurately is that the struggle of my life is a fight for the protection of the planet more than ever."

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"Can it pass the Presidency of the Republic?" Laurent Delahousse asks him. Ségolène Royal says, "Perhaps it's a major battle that connects all the other fights, including security issues."

In the European elections, the environment minister reaffirmed that he will "make a decision in January" amid speculation about the return of the government. "If I commit myself, I will defend a cause similar to the one mentioned before," he added.

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