Tuesday , June 6 2023

Preferred purchasing power to 62% of French people


According to the same survey, only 33% think energy conversion is a top priority.

According to Ifop's JDD survey, the majority of French respondents (62% out of 962) believe the government should prioritize purchasing power rather than convert ecosystems.

They are the "only" 33% of respondents who believe that a transition to a more responsible society is more important than purchasing power.

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As for the details of the survey including the partisan distribution, 80% of supporters Republicans and 85% of nationwide assemblies place importance on purchasing power and 50% of supporters of the President and France Insoumise.

Specific situation

The survey was conducted under certain circumstances where the government was full of yellow vests against tax hikes designed to promote ecosystem change. 89% of respondents think that there is a movement to condemn the fuel tax increase.

However, 85% of the respondents also think that these events are about "tax and over tax". 83% think "an angry campaign against elected officials and political agents" and 81% believe "more general mobilization of policies led by Emmanuel Macron."

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