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Postponing football league play – active .fr


The Pays de la Loire Football League wanted to postpone a specific meeting due to the protest movement on November 17th.

Changed at 13:59 on November 13th.

Robretières welcomed Pouzauges by cutting down Pays de la Loire.
Robretières welcomed Pouzauges by cutting down Pays de la Loire. (© Yonnais National Journal)

Football League Pays de la Loire Expected Protest movement Saturday November 17. I decided to postpone some of the proceedings. matches On the weekend blocking The possibility of multiple axes of rotation.

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"We have decided to postpone the 17th and 18th meetings for the Youth League tournament, which will provide information on Pays de la Loire's cup games, challenge reserves and other competitions.

Each school district, department is currently studying this topic. Vendée has not yet made a decision at noon on Tuesday, November 13th.

[Report de rencontres le week-end prochain]Because of the protest movement on Saturday, November 17 …

November 13, 2018 payment to Dinsdag, Florida

"Special regulations relating to the national competition, especially the Coup de France, have been communicated directly to the club concerned."

Soccer fans can check on the regularly updated competition program on the website of the French Football Federation.

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