Sunday , December 5 2021

On the head of Force Opener wants Veyrier restore the authority of its connection


Yves Veyrier, 60, chosen for Force Ouvrière's number one on Thursday, promised to "reach the victories" and "Authority", due to internal tensions following the scandal of the file and the democracy of Pascal Pavageau.

This engineer and former member of the Confederal Office (direction), he has been sitting since 2004, won 2,720 votes, or 45.75% of votes.

Christian Grolier, head of FO public, 52 years, had 2,577 votes, or 43.35%, when Patrice Clos, number one of the transport, 53 years, 10.9% received.

"Democracy has merit," Yves Veyrier believes, at the height of his election, he likes to go on & # 39; the second day of the meeting in # 39; the headquarters of the confederation in Paris, there the negotiations between FO directors & # 39; The three candidates in the race went well.

"The charge will be heavy, but we are in shape, in force,", Added this discreet man, fine connoisseur complex arcades of his union, elected to the next congress in two years and a half. "We will see if it is necessary to extend a period of one or two years." The reflection is not, "he said, promoting the requirements of April, vote by a large majority.

His program? Getting "off" the authority and the word FO, made by the public announcement beginning of October of the existence of a file where some frames with qualifiers as "stupid" or "completely foolish" are made. The excerpt of this document leads to the resignation of Pascal Pavageau six months after his election. And "it will be necessary to achieve the wounds" forbid the file.

– Hot folders –

To address the problems, several press releases FO have received fees and free reports from leaders, while they have a deficit of 632,000 euros in 2017, after a 1 million one-year sales in # 39; t year. Yves Veyrier promised a financial statement of confederation.

Under the high issues he had social security, unemployment, elections in civil service and retirement. What has been the movement of "yellow wests," he has tuned himself up and does not want to see a trade interview of trade shows but rather "a real problem of social policy".

Currently, the plan is not to fit the FO with the motion of December 1, which launched by the CGT.

Yves Veyrier mentions himself as a "military reformer", such as Jean-Claude Mailly who concludes the end of the consulting session as an instrument of negotiation, even a large part of # 39; the militants dragged. He was honored by Mailly's "cloning" injuries, while others adore his good knowledge of the association, he said Thursday: "I'm Mailly's claw, nor that of Pascal Pavageau, nor of Marc Blondel, that he also cried shoulders.

The day before, the SCC supplier brought the day off the lip and condemning the file, but the interventions were good, "without inflammation or injuries," according to officials on site. The leaders are so much to say for seven weeks their internal contrasts in the public square, not to talk about talking about "smear campaign".

"In the current period, the pre-emptive event would have resulted in an important initiative for age and power, but not to make it unparalleled," says Fabrice Lerestif, anarchist figure and advocate Patrice Clos, to join them to come to the "yellow verses".

Characteristics of internal tensions: The presence of three candidates was a first one for FO, there are no statutes for a second round. The bureau therefore has decided a round election that could complicate Mr Veyrier's job, which did not receive absolute majority.

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