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Oise: Maeva, 15, killed the crossing of the tracks at Clairoix

"It's a real drama. I have a girl of the same age and I don't know how & # 39; if I'd react if it happened a crash," sighs a neighbor of Clairoix's overflow ( Oise), for the former continental side.

Monday, in the early evening, Maëva, 15, died of a freight train. The teenager was accompanied by her big brother and a friend at the time of the tragedy.

The rail of human error is to be favored

According to the first testimonies, the gendarmes of Compiègne's research brigade collected the railroad human error. The shutters were lowered, the access to the lanes prohibited for any circulation. Maeva would have waited for a train through the gates. Except that one second came in the opposite direction. She didn't see him.

The train driver clearly distinguished a pedestrian, signaling himself, but he could not prevent the shock. It was at 5:05 pm Immediately the rail traffic was interrupted and the places were frozen until the researchers and the helpers arrived.

A pyschological cell for the family

Motorists, pedestrians, neighbors … All have heard. "The manager of a pizzeria went quickly, it is he who puts it on the body of this poor child," says a neighbor.

Mayor (SE), Laurent Portebois, arrived at 8.15 pm "It is terrible, I still have problems repairing. As a mayor we are not trained to do that. A psychological cell was put in place for the family you & It was necessary to make a deviation, to manage all the interesting things, and some young firefighters struggled with the scene, and the train driver, too, was replaced by a colleague. keep going

The shutters were lowered

"Audits have been done. The two barriers were properly lowered, the light and sound signals worked. There was no security breach," one SNCF Mobilités Hauts-de-France says.

According to the edile, the last fatal accident on this book dates from "early 2000s." "A teen scooter had ignored the barriers," he recalls.

Securing for pedestrians impossible

This level of overhang is part of the national security program. It is considered risky, but only for trucks. For over a month, more than 7 tonnes are prohibited from passing by. Eventually, all lorries will have to prevent them from sitting on tracks.

For pedestrians, therefore, "the passage is not identified as dangerous", emphasizes SNCF Mobilites. They should follow the rules of the Highway Code, such as cars. And "seen the configuration of the place, we can't make any adjustments," regrets Laurent Portebois.

The village in turmoil

Since the play, Clairoix has been in. A question has been launched to help the family. Maëva lived in the neighborhood of Tambouraines with her volunteer mother, father and grandfather, and her little sister. They would be first at Pierre-d & # 39; high school in Ailly in Compiegne.

Some teachers of their former school, the Claude-Debussy College, still remember as "a reserved but voluntary student," "fun and kind". One of them remembers that he had crossed the past week. "They said hello, they all smile. On Facebook, his friends and family spend the sad news, pay him a final tribute." You were a wonderful girl who gave everyone a pleasure. "

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