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Nicolas Hulot: Combining the problems of the end of the moon and the end of the world


Prendre de la hauteur. Ne pas "Division of division into the division". But in contrast to dialogue, rassembler, mentions the ensemble of solutions to environmentalists and socialists. The medieval return of Nicolas Hulot, three months after the dismissal of the government, has been anticipated by the long date, before the bronchus of the "gilets june". The ex-minister of the Ecological and Traditional Transition can have a long-standing French translation of the struggle. Lui qui a reçu, qui est domicile de Bretagne, les centaines de lettres de citoyens lui disant qu'ils ont compris l'amélior de la chaos de climatique et de l'effect de la biodiversité, la menace que cela représente pour l ' humanity to avoid poverty. Beaucoup his fellow part of his envoy.

Nicolas Hulot will be constructive, regardless of the avantage and not be in the retreader. It will be the decision to act Political Aid, France 2, which is more than one month, and on November 22, France is glued to gilets. Alors, Hulot and you have the repayment: you have to cut the carbon tax, and you, the assumption … but only if it is accompanied by a social cushion of this name, for all the mages The most unpretentious, those who have been busy today by the incitement to buy diesel and live pioneer zones.

«Fin de mois et fin du monde»

As we have been announcing, Nicolas has been warned that Emmanuel Macron and Edouard Philippe are the absolute necessities of a social accompaniment, in vain: «Je n'ai pas été entendu». He has, this, all the time to evict the opposition «Caricaturale» Amongst the ecological and social issues, most of them are intimately linked, which are the most disadvantaged who have suffered from the flood or air pollution. The problem is not that, and it's okay. Il est dans le fait que la fiscalité n'est plus équitable, que les impôtes sur les bénéfices de sociétés ont baissé, que la kérosène des avions ou le droit de la cargos n'est pas taxé … La transition ne peut être que solidaire. And oppositional ecology and social is a faulty debate. All the same, Nicolas Hulot is tortured at the beginning of his release, the air of gravity, the recent tide. All one removes the views of a perspective, a tuna, "The fact is that they are concerned about the month of the French but the fact is that they are engaged in another business: the end-to-end perspective, or in the end of a peaceful world, which is more than a hypothesis d'école ».

As soon as we have embarked on a dialogue with soures with Benoît Julou, the porch of the july of Saint Brieuc, the qualified Hulot de «Comique» Deconnecting the reality, estimating that "For ecology, there will be crew of gens on the road". This is Hulot's answer, according to the resident pédagogue et rassembleur: "If there are opposition to parishes and provinces, ecology and social, there will be everywhere in the mur. Moi, ça ne me fait pas rire. […] It does not matter in the face of ecology, it's a part of the fiscal factor ».


Hulot has, in the light of the highlights of the subjects, a very debate in the political issues: the environment, the pesticides, the 48,000-masted protesters in the air of the air … insisté, détachant bien les syllabes: "There is a train to destroy the guerrilla (on the climate), on which the full payer and our democrats will be" -fon-drer ". Face to the popularity of the populism, the fault davantage de "So-read-da-ri-té". And the replies, yet, are our new mantra: «The fact that combines the problems of the end of the day with the problems of the end of the world».

Face of the agriculturist Céline Imart, Vice President of the Young Agriculteur, near the most productive and pro-pesticides FNSEA, which has the cost of buying the glyphosate, or face at Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux, the patron of Medef, Hulot est resté calm, posed. No, the technology does not make it all. No, "A Economy Based on an Infinity Growth in a World Finished" n'est pas viable. Oui, l'agriculture biologique et l'agroécologie, «The fault of all the money». And the citer Edgar Morin: «Puisqu'on est tous foutus, soyons frères».

Solidarity, reconciliation, Hulot has been cited by repaying these words. "It can keep up with everybody on the tiles, it is condemned to make this ensemble, or to mourn the entire ensemble as the idiots". Hulot and 2022? «Un fantasize the journalist». Do you have a list of European countries? It cites the field of initiatives, citizenship: Alternatiba, the apple of the co-ordinator, the Youtubeurs. It is available, but it does not matterof the porte-parole » d'un volle rassemblement citoyen, porteur des "Innovations of things that exist in the society". The political congratulatory champ, c'est end. The whole thing, a-t martelé, still and yet, «Homme ou une femme ne changera rien si la société ne se réconcilie pas». Results: 65% of telecoms conveyors. Et la lancer, avec l'énergie du désespoir: «the time of the utopia is décrété ».

Coralie Schaub

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