Wednesday , June 7 2023

MoDem modified day for palm oil next day …


Birun Millienne, vice president, was in Grenoble on Saturday after winning the National Assembly.

Against the government's view

On Friday evening, as part of the first reading test of the draft budget for 2019, an amendment to MoDem, excluding palm oil from the list of biofuels, was approved from 22 to 20 votes. Against the advice of the government (and therefore many "walkers") and opposition voices …

Bruno Millienne, the first signer of the amendment, explained his battle in this battle. "I was angry until the text was voted, but fair and calm anger. I tried to explain to most of my colleagues that we should maintain consistency in the present situation of complaints and" yellow vests. It took us about two weeks because we were fighting to explain why we were paying taxes on diesel … At the same time we had to keep palm oil on our list. Clean fuel? No, it was not possible. Production of palm oil contributes to deforestation! "

In the case of MP MoDem, this episode is just an example of the role of the majority party. "Loyalty is a free word that can be adjusted."

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Posted: 18/11/11, 06:05

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