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Michel Cymes responds to all your questions

Last week, we are reminded of the intent of making vaccines against the flu, mostly over 65 years. Lastly, we respond to all your questions about this disease.

It does not exist in the treatment of the flu. The medicines will present the symptoms of maladies, including the lungs, the fibers, the courts.

Si vous vous êtes fait vacciner l'anneille, vous n'êtes plus protégé. Vous devez vous faire vacciner de nouveau. The vaccine's efficacy has been shown to be an increase, and may even be limited to 6 months. Le virus n'est pas le même de une année sur l'autre, il mute, ce qui nous oblige à concevoir un vacuinte de nouveau, qui soit adapté.

Si vous ne faites pas l 'injection dès que vous achetez le vaccin, It should be considered a refrigerator and not a conglomerate. It is between 2 and 8 degrees that the vaccine conserve its efficacy. It is also done in the light of the light.

The minimum age for vaccine vaccine is 6 months. For younger children ages 9 years, this is the font vaccine for the first time, and they have to take about a month after the premiere.

The best way to escape the flu, out of the vaccine, remains se laver les mains Regularly with the soap or gel gel hydroalcoolique, jusquaux poignets. Il faut également use of the cot and paper jetables, which will be available on the premium usage. Il est conseillé d'éviter de serrer des mains à tout va. Et to open the port, the use of the cables or the sound, rather the poser ses mains nus on the poignée.

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