Monday , November 29 2021

Media in & rsquo; Seine: chains in war against Netflix


Unity among these four is very rare. On Thursday, the leaders of TF 1 (Gilles Pélisson), France Televisions (Delphine Ernotte), M 6 (Nicolas de Tavernost) and Canal + (Maxime Saada), gathered at the headquarters of "Echos -" Parisians "against the US giants of the web.

In the first edition of the Media Festival in Seine organized by Echos and Radio France, the four French rulers asked to launch an urgent change of legislation, thereby preventing Netflix. The video-demand platform, which has 3.5 million subscribers in France (for 137 million worldwide), has seen the habits of viewers, the less live television, massive programs have changed too much request.

"What Netflix is ​​Made Unknowable"

"On Canal +, 25% of our audience has now been delineated, against 6% for the whole market," said Maxime Saada, the director of the encrypted channel that sold 100 billion euros each year for his MyCanal service. The leader of the payroll channel has recognized the brilliant invention and science of its competitor. "We are fascinated, we're earning, but what Netflix is ​​making is unthinkable, so destroy the whole market," he said.

"Professionals who are happy to work with Netflix, do not forget that they have all the rights to their productions have been resolved," says Gilles Pélisson, the chief of TF 1. The Director of the One thinks that The rules that are set to Netflix have changed Dield value to & # 39; the profit of & # 39; the non-gigant. The French, which make sure that "Marseille", "Osmosis" or soon "Plan Coeur" have just been made. As the sector grows. "We have made 350 jobs in Sète with our soap opera. Let's not be fascinated by the opening of a Netflix office for 20 people in Paris," adds Gilles Pélisson.

Resist "breakdown"

Delphine Ernotte, she has mostly attacked youtube. "We reach that edge! […] Only 2 M €! We will stop putting our entire program on YouTube and we stop selling our series on Netflix, "said the leader, who never figured that the series" Ten Percent "is available on the platform.

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Following the permission of filming and broadcasting films to be made on Wednesdays on his channels to get the "breakthrough" of French groups in their American rival, Nicolas Tavernost, president of M6, advises alliances European. "There will be a great deal of concentration on a European scale," he says. Beware, begin the great dealings.

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