Wednesday , January 26 2022

Marine Le Pen believes that the government will "disdain" the "yellow vest"



Marine Le Pen said Tuesday that the government "considered it an improper threat to arrest" and treated the "yellow vest" move in fuel prices as "great disdain" or "violence."

The National Gathering (RN) chairman said in an interview Paris"I was surprised to see how the government treated this protest with great disdain, even in the form of hostility, even violence." The president's finalist in 2017 said, "I think the government wants to be wrong, Inappropriate threats to arrest, fines and imprisonment. All of this is proportionate.

Philippe's announcement was "out of reality and disconnected"

Marine Le Pen said the prime minister's announcement Wednesday of the RTL "is completely different from the reality of the French people and is hopeless."

"How can the first price of a hybrid car be 20,000 euros to raise the conversion premium at an average of just 1,500 euros?" Instead of imposing a tax, "stop free trade to change the economic model" and "closer to production" Ask the member of Parc Calle who suggests.

The ban on the most polluted vehicles next month by large Parisian metropolis expresses a storyline comic strip of political life and "I just want to say: poor people, people outside the city, have the right to go," she said. It says. Interior Minister Christophe Castaner said the police will intervene on Tuesday when "yellow vests" are mobilized, causing "total blockage".

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