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London and Brussels divorce agreement draft | Business | Sun


CTheresa May, British Prime Minister, said in a statement that she called a minister to discuss the draft negotiations at 2 pm on Wednesday.

The ministers were invited to read documents at Downing Street prior to the meeting.

Just before 5pm on Tuesday, the health minister arrived at 10 Downing Street, soon to be greeted by Chris Greerens, Transport Minister and Minister of Trade and Industry Liam Fox.

According to diplomatic sources from 27 countries, the EU 27 ambassadors will meet in Brussels on Wednesday afternoon.

The Irish channel, RTE, announced Wednesday the Irish government meeting and European minister Nathalie Loiseau said "I want to consider the negotiations very carefully."

"We want good text that respects the interests of the EU.

Details of the negotiations were not disclosed. Especially in relation to the Irish border issue, which has been bargaining in recent weeks.

However, according to the RTE, citing the two government sources, the draft contract includes the establishment of a "safety net" to avoid the return of physical borders between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

"We will take the form of customs negotiations for the whole of Britain, with in-depth provisions on Northern Ireland in terms of customs and regulations," said Tony Connelly, a reporter.

The signing of the agreement was considered "encouraging" by Northern Secretary of State David Mundell. "We hope that Congress will be able to submit this agreement.

However, considering the division within the Theresa May of the Conservative Party, it will have to pass the Cabinet stage before the British Parliament far from the circle.

"There is no guarantee that the European Union and the congress will accept it," said Ruth Gregory, an economist at the economics research institute Capital Economics. When the new resignation intervenes in the government it is "not surprising".

"And if the agreement is passed in Parliament, a small number of Eurosceptic Conservatives and DUPs (Northern Ireland, May Allies) will be able to join forces with the Labor Party," he added.


Brexit supporters are afraid that this negotiation will keep the UK in compliance with EU rules for years and will not allow it to effectively dissolve the relationship.

The draft negotiations are unacceptable to anyone who believes in democracy. Former BFA Foreign Minister Boris Johnson, one of the leaders of the Pro – Brake Seat camp at the BBC, said. "If you have a question: I will vote for this consent, and the answer is" yes ".

"It's a betrayal," said Eurosceptic Conservative MP Jacob-Rees Mogg. "This will put us in a tariff alliance, and indeed in a single market, and we will be a traitor to the EU.

Nigel Dodds, member of the Northern Ireland Union DUP, said the draft of the Northern Ireland Convention will be subject to the rules and regulations set forth in Brussels. "It's a fundamental red line," he warned.

DUP, an ally of the Conservative Party, is an essential back-up group for Mother Teresa to win a majority in Congress.

Once the negotiations are complete, by the end of November the exceptional European Summit will allow the organization to approve the agreement.

Both the EU and the UK are short on time if they want an agreement ratified by their respective parliaments until the day the UK withdraws from the European Union on 29 March 2019.

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