Wednesday , January 26 2022

Loiret: The school's wrong ceiling hid the weapon.


Pistol and ammunition. This is an arsenal found on the false ceiling of an elementary school in Saint-Jean-de-Braye (Loiret) on Monday, November 12, The investigation was opened. Glass pistols and guns, and 40 ammunition were found on Monday night when repairs were carried out by workers working at Ginger Zaya School (about 190 people). "One of the workers was working on the construction site, and when we removed the false ceiling, Glock and Airgun and 40 ammunition were dropped," said Nicolas Bessone.

The weapon was hidden in a school area where students and teachers were not accessible during construction. "Meanwhile, access was forbidden. [que] A simple barrier. "Afterwards, the worker gives the air pistol to his employer, but he goes back to Glock, who also hands it to his employer the next day and the employer forwards it to the police.

A worker in police custody

An investigation commissioned to judicial police is held. "On the one hand, there are aspects to prosecute investigations into the acquisition, transport and supply of these weapons, which will engage in specific technical expertise, used in conjunction with DNA searches, fingerprint searches, and, on the other hand, It's about why these weapons were stored, and why, "the prosecution said.

Workers placed in prisons will be subject to preliminary recognition of the guilt of crime (CRPC) of "the person responsible for the detention and transport of the Type B weapons" on 14 March. "I was indicted for taking weapons rather than notifying the police directly," he added. The prosecution was not in a position to explain why this weapon was hidden. Bessone, referring to the profile of the "opportunistic" author,

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