Friday , January 27 2023

League 1: 13 days of our team type – League 1


Ligue 1 Every day, the editorial team provides a team type with our reporter's comments and notes.

Regis Gurthner (Amiens) : The goalkeeper 's friend was a man of the match against Toulouse (0-1). The 31-year-old goalkeeper played a decisive role in the first half. In particular, the strike of Gradel and the point blank heading of Manu Garcia. He also brought the header of Gradel walking down the path of the small net and showed himself at the end of the game. A great achievement that brings three points to his team.

Adil Lamy (Marseille): Flawlessly, from the front efficiently, Adil Rami played against Dijon (2-0). The French world champion, author of seven defensive releases and five blocks (the best total of the game), did not forget to attack aggressively with a set kick. The second goal on the border for Strootman (84th), crucial to score the first goal for Ocampos (45th + 3rd). An important leader to increase OM of precious hair games and bad passes.

Romans Thomas (Angers) : Very strong to defense – Angevins included the triol Mollet-Delort-Laborde – Romain Thomas was also very clean in his raise. Above all, he showed his strength in set pieces. In the right corner, he cuts the orbit of his head to win the SCO (1-0).

Ramon Kone (Strasbourg): Lorientais, very precious in the air, was an image of Strasbourg defense of Lille (0-0). It is solid and generous. 5 I worked with Martinez and Mitrovic to make it easier to defend against racing.

Youcel Atal (Nice) : Situated on the right lane of 3-5-2, Young Nice showed all of his qualities in Nîmes (0-1). His explosive power and his ability to stimulate the ball on his feet can harm Nice. It was the person who excluded Landre. However, he played a decisive role in putting a save goal with a good volley.


Houssem Aouar (Lyon) In the shadow of Memsis, Houssem Aouar is pursuing a beautiful series. Lyon's young playmaker, who was already a striker for two days, was back on vacation in Guingamp (2-4). The goal finally started OL towards precious success.

Dimitri Payet (Marseille) In recent months, the Marseille playmaker has regained his influence by stopping two kicks and participating in both goals. In addition, he has set a number of goals thanks to his vision of the game, as usual. Even if Dijon left too much freedom.

Musa Diabi (PSG) : Moussa Diaby, who won Bernat on the left side of Monaco's Paris 3-4-3 (0-4), gave Louis II a very good score. A 19-year-old younger player gave him two beautiful assists in Cabani. Constant poison.

Memphis Depay (Lyon) Memphis Depay has been very disappointed in his last two away games and played well on Saturday at Guingamp (2-4). The Netherlands have achieved excellent results in the last 30 minutes. Former Manchester United players, including two scorers and a good free kick, have offered two help to Aouar and Cornet's goals.

Eddinson Cavani (PSG) At the end of PSG at Monaco (0-4), El Matador was quickly explained to the Express double score for the first 11 minutes of play. The Uruguayan striker used the Monet gas box to score the third goal in the second half.

Saint-Etienne (2-0) It did not take a long time against Reims. During the first minute of the game he delivered a free kick to Mathieu Debussy. He inscribed the goal of resting on an unstoppable cross-shot after Selnaes had good service. Objective, deterministic pass, Etienne attacker responded to the present.

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