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Lady Diana is a revolutionary, and she has changed the rules of the royal protocol.


We tend to forget it, Lady Diana It revolutionized the royal family of England. Whether it's interacting with the public, dressing her, or teaching her children, the mother of Prince William and Prince Harry was a remarkable woman full of amazing surprises. Of course, Princess Welsh had a habit of shaking the English monarchy rules. When you get married Prince Charles Lady D (July 29, 1981) brought a new life to Windsor. Let it say that she was a true British icon, loved and loved by everyone. Even today, despite her tragic deaths in a terrible traffic accident on August 31, 1997 in Paris, she continues to be a source of inspiration. Witness the son proudly carrying his legacy every day. You will understand, Diana Spencer It was unique. There are 7 rules of royal protocol she changed!

She changed her marriage vows.

You do not know it, but according to the ritual of the Anglican priest, the wife had to swear to obey her husband during the marriage ceremony. Ancient tradition that failed in a union with Prince Charles, Prince Diana Rain. Yes, if Lady D.'s decision did not fail at the time, the young woman did not deprive herself of her own personality. The following example Kate Middleton and Megan Mark Look They did not promise anyone to obey their friends.

She gave birth in the hospital.

Before her daughter Anne was born, Queen Elizabeth II She gave birth to her royal property as tradition dictated. Inspired by this change, Diana Lady decided in turn to go to the hospital to have her child.. Later in London, famous Princess of Wales in front of the famous Londo Wing of St. Mary's Clinic was quickly recognized symbolically for the next generation. good. Kate Middleton Who endured the custom in the same way that they do for the three offspring.

She sent her children to school.

At that time, the royal family had difficulties in tradition. For example, they had to go to school at home. And yet, Prince Charles The first member of the Windsor clan was to go to school. But this change occurred at the age of nine. Before that, he was taking classes with a social teacher. Always avant-garde, Princess Diana did not hesitate. Prince Harry and Prince William When I was about to enter kindergarten.

She has stopped wearing some protocol accessories.

Otherwise Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Diana During his official outing, the gloves were set aside very quickly. The reason is? Young women preferred direct contact with the public. Being able to shake hands with the people she met was very important to Lady D.. But she is not the only accessory she wears! In fact, William and Harry's mother also threw away the headgear. "You can not hug a child by wearing a hat" She groaned at the time. An anthology revealed by a museum curator ElleinIn magazines Fashionable.

She went on an official trip with her children.

when Prince Charles Her sister Anne was three and five years old, respectively, and her parents Elizabeth and Philip quit their nanny for six months to leave for her uncle. Very close to her children, Lady Diana liked to go with her son on the official trip.. William Prince, inspired by his mother, travels with Charlotte, Louis, and George, though sometimes difficult.

She was not afraid to argue.

In April 1987, Lady Diana There was a controversy in the opening of the first medical center devoted to British AIDS patients. In this case, The Princess of Wales shook hands with HIV-positive patients without any protection.. A symbolic picture that quickly bypassed the world. A good way to destroy disease.

She was like any other mother.

We know. Lady Diana I liked to get out of the fingernails set by the British royal family. In fact, he often violated the protocol for the education of his son. When Prince Harry and Prince William were children, Princess of Wales acted as the most normal mother. For proof, She took her pretty blonde hair to eat pizza or McDonalds, and in some cases did not hesitate to ride the subway or bus.. Two heirs to the crown then went to Disneyworld with her mother. A simple life where William and Harry are so grateful today.

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