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"It's the last of the big," groys fans


Alain Bashung joined Solidarity AIDS Africa on Olympics in 2007. – Lydie / ATTIAS / SIPA

  • Alain Poschum's posthumous album is released Friday, released ten years after his death.
  • 20 minutes The questions asked by the singer to know and like the Johnny, they move to jump on his release.

Almost ten years after his death,
Alain Bashung's fans have not forgotten. Alain Poschum's post album album, released this Friday, is desperate by his fans. This album collects songs between 2005 and 2007, which is not selected by the artist for his last work, Oil blue, published in 2008. 20 minutes asked fans of the # 13 artist who died in March 2009 what they think of # 39; the issue of this album.

"I'm waiting for the release of this album, he was a real artist and a poet," says Styro. Two titles are already free on YouTube, Immortals en She tells me the same words. "The song ImmortalsI've listened to more than 300 times. Alain Bashung is the last, "says Dimitri," these new songs are a real pleasure. "I was in a region listening to these traces and the effect was immediate, the very special voice of Bashung caught me These two titles are pure Bashung, "greet Marc. But Waiting to listen to the whole album: "We see for the moment Immortals has not convinced me, I feel the version of Dominique A. "

"I'm still waiting a lot of posthumous albums"

At the origin of this record, Chloé Mons, the last woman and the only fun of artist, was happy. "Let me tell you that his widow does not get this album for the money, I do not think what's going to happen to these wonderful songs, and I'm still waiting a lot of posthumous albums," says Dimitri. The other unpublished tracks of artist find their place for bonuses on reissue and booklets that come out for the tenth anniversary of # 39; The death of Alain Bashung, in March 2019.

"Who is he, he is known?"

Radek believes that "we can not help the commercial aspect of this freedom but" but a few weeks of Christmas and adding that he "ultimately tired of hyper-stabilized productions of 'latest albums." "I see no guilt, but on the contrary of a gift," recalls Marc. "The time is fast, many young people do not know him," explains Chloé Mons in # 39 columns of & quot; e Parisian this Thursday. And she is right. "Who is he, he is known?", Since Tigris under
Alain Bashung's call for witness today, published on the website of 20 minutes.

At the controlsIn Upstream, guitarist, director and producer Edith Fambuela, the # one of the key features Military fantasy, one of Bashung's most memorable albums and one of his greatest hits, Night, I lay. A choice for unity. "His great talent solely directed this post office, compelled to reach Chloé Mons on this great lady of rock," complimentes Christoo.

Of twenty or so insidious pieces, Edith Fambuela has only preserved eleven titles. She existed in the state of models, mostly in guitar. These songs are signed by Dominique A, Joseph of Antwerp, Daniel Darc, Raphael, Mickael Furnon (Mickey 3D), Arman Méliès of Doriand. Do you want this post album to be expected? "In Bashung album is always an event, whether it's successful or not," says Christoo.

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