Thursday , December 9 2021

In the morning people will be less exposed to breast cancer.


According to English studies, late survivors may increase the risk of breast cancer due to delayed vital clock. Unfortunately, adopting a new habit for them does not change anything.

The future belongs to the people who happen early, the proverb says. Interpreting the term "future" in the sense of "longevity" is probably more true than we think. A recent study at the University of Bristol in the UK has shown that early morning breast cancer is unlikely to occur, and after analyzing thousands of data, early screening is 40-48% less likely to get sick. And there is bad news for those who are struggling to appear in the morning. This feature is partly genetic, so there is not much to do. In fact, these second types of people can be affected by genetic mutations that have a slightly delayed biological clock. This is why they happen naturally when they have an opportunity later on. Studies of the problem have associated mutations in the problem successfully with an increased risk of breast cancer.

There is nothing to change habits.

At the same time, it has been found that sleeping more than the recommended time can cause harm. Exceeding 7-8 hours per night increases the risk of breast cancer in women by 20% (per hour per sleep hour!). This is not something I can not ignore, but actually … Dr. Rebecca RichmondReturn to the research stage. " By analyzing trends in genetic variation, people's preference for morning and evening, sleeping time and insomnia, we sought to find out if these aspects are at risk for the day. Influenced by breast cancer Explain the expert. And " Changing habits does not necessarily change the risk of breast cancer. The reality is more complicated than that. "." But in the morning there is a protective effect on people's breast cancer risk. I finish the doctor. And in what categories do you rank? Early workers, we can say that you are one step ahead …

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