Saturday , May 28 2022

Gérald Darmanin has been in Senate after a tweet contest


In his speech, Gérald Darmanin responded to three questions, two on the purchasing power, the minister was drafting the "bouh bouh" of the betting rights, covering a part of his proposal.

The senatorial majority has the right to break down after tweet: the Ministry of Public Affairs has been in charge of the issue of government. "It's the place where the tweets are made, it's really worth the face", and declares Gérald Darmanin, adding that "you can read the most important tweets of personal attributes" that you have. The draft law on finance for 2019 has been interrupted after a tweet of the Deputy Public Contingent has taken a measure taken by the High Assembly in favor of the local school.

Jerôme Bascher (LR) and interpellated Édouard Philippe sur cet incident "qui s'est déroulé (…) au lendemain de la fin du congrès des maires, et qui nous semble grâce pour le respect de nos nos institutions". "When the Senate worked hard to measure the housing in the republics of the Republic, the government responded by the declarations and the tweets with the fire on the fire in the raccourse", a-t-il accusé.

Without doubt, you will be in the place of bankruptcy "

"The Premier Minister will be authorized to respond to the fact that I seem to be legally concerned by your question," he said. Gérald Darmanin, sous les huées. "Without doubt, you're going to be in bankruptcy," on Friday, saying this, explaining with a ironian poison that has been happening in the community: "It's been time for time, I'm a baby reminder (…) I've gotten maire"a-t-il glissé, declanchant a new salvage of protests.

"I think it's a problem of remuneration and financial statehood since 2017." The answer is yes. It's the amendment that corresponds to the exposure of motifs that you vous Tell us about this: The truth is that we will not be able to say that the answer is not, "said Pouru. The amendment will be published on November 29, the object of a second délibération.

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