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Gastro-intérité de l 'enfant: peut-on lui donner des probiotiques?


The probiotics are often prescribed to children after a gastro-intérite. Permiting the intestinal flour (or intestinal microbiote), the efficacy of these medicines is not supplemented by the rigorous study. At the same time, two studies published on November 22, 2018 New England Journal of Medecine – a study abroad in the United States (in 10 hospitals) and another in Canada (in six hospitals) – have provided the results for analysis on the probabilities of probiotics Lactobacillus rhamnosus (USA) et Lactobacillus helveticus (Canada). These two bacteria give the participants a good microbiota health. About 1,800 children under the age of three have been included in the work. In the case of urgency for a gastro-intérite, there has been an altercation of the algebraic activity in two groups. After the explanations of the seekers in their respective study, The mother of the children is trying to prescribe the probiotics for five hours, while the other day receives a placebo identical look, as the parents are looking for a group of people.

Placebo or probiotics? Même résultat

There is no difference in the days that have followed the traitements or probiotics. "The duration of the vomiting, the diarrhea, the absence of the crèche and the persistence of the gastrointestinal symptoms of the analogues in the two cases," reports the two inquiries. For the Dr. Thomas LaMont who publishes an editorial accompanying the publication of the study,It does not matter in the interest of probiotics in others, especially in the treatment of certain diarrhea as the infant and the adult. These two studies are unique in the particular gastro-intensive case, for two different types of protein bacteria. Mais elles démontrent, avec un haut degré de certitude, que prescrire Lactobacillus rhamnosus you Lactobacillus helveticus It's important to note that some people pay attention to the system's health, but the gastro-intestine may be the cause of the patient, in the absence of young children This malady remains a major health problem.

Attention to dehydration in the baby's mind

The children's kidneys, especially since the youngest two-year-old, gastro-intestine can be seen from the graves of consciousness. The primary risk is the dehydration.
Many practical tips on gastro-intestinal traits are:

  • Resume the dietary hygiene to evolve the microbial inoxications, in particular with regard to the product's fragrance and the respect of the chains of frost for the surges.
  • It is a regular resource for the mains: to make the gastro-intelligence with the baby, it is fundamentally supplemented by the mains before and after the biberon and change. Do not carry the tote or the baby's clothing to the butcher.
  • Take care of the children in the bottle or cover the cans in the ephemeral period.
  • Allaiter: her mother is eating the most tolerated by the intestine.
  • Stirilize the biberons: not only keep the truths with a brush.
  • Eviter crudités et eau non minérale en voyage.
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