Friday , October 22 2021

France is the world champion of the impossibility


France is giving priority to the importance of social cohesion.

This is a record which is not the "gilets june" that protests against the loot of the impotence. For the third consecutive year, France is showing the highest taxation level in 2017, according to data released by Eurostat Wednesday. In addition, the recipients of taxes (taxes, taxes and fees) have paid 48.4% of the PIB in the Hexagon, 47.3% in Belgium and 46,5% in Denmark, the two other paydays .

The premiere of the rankings since 2015, France and the weight gain obligations will increase by 0.7 points in 2017. The distance has reached a little further in Belgium and covers the range of payrolls that have increased the likelihood of fiscal l 'année dernière, derrière Chypre, le Luxembourg, la Slovaquie et Malte. As a result, the benefits are bingeficient, malgré saus hausse, a fiscalité très mégère.

»LIRE AUSSI – Impots: les raisons de la colère

Taxes, taxes and social currencies have risen in earnings by the European Union

Plus, generosity, taxes, taxes and social cohesion have increased in a number of countries at the 28 European Union Account (UE). They have been honored in the United States, in particular in Hungary, Romania and Estonia.

The average of the UE reaches 40.2% of GDP in 2017, with a rise of 0.3% compared to 2016. Ireland remains the highest payroll taxpayer, with a mandated picking rate 23.5%. One exceptional exceptionally low level is Vieux Continent, plus the two times less than that of the France.

In France, France is the first place on the importance of social cohesion (18.8% of GDP, up 13.3% in the EU). Quantities of frauds on the livelihoods of their homes and their patrons, but they are less likely to occur in France than in the EU.

After the government – which is the only methodology of'Eurostat – the level of mandatory determination to legislate this year and the next day, 45.3% and 2017 to 45% in 2018, then 44 , 2% and 2019. The goal of Emmanuel Macron is to provide the points for a quinquennate point.

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