Friday , October 22 2021

For the third consecutive year, France is the champion of Europe for impotence and social cohesion, according to Eurostat


The organization of the statistical studies of the European Union has announced that the impacts and social contributions representing 48.4% of GDP in France. The part of the reciprocal tax on the French PIB is also the largest elevation of Europe, according to Eurostat.

A sharp, non-transverse line, and the movement of the "gilded jungle" against the tax burden on the carburant. Due to the impotence and social cohesion representing 48.4% of the GDP, France is the European Union as part of the reciprocal recipient of the PIB is the largest elevation, the Eurostat report, the organization of the statistical studies of the Union européenne, mercredi 28 novembre.

France is Europe's third-largest champion for the third year, relocated Le Figaro. The reciprocal recipes represent 47.7% of GDP in 2016, and even 47.7% in 2015.

The Belgian Viennese, with the strong reciprocal recession of 47.3% of GDP, then Denmark (46.5%), Sweden (44.9%) and Finland (43.4%). The payroll is part of the impossibility and social cohesion of PIB is the lowest level, in 2017, the Irish with 23.5% of GDP, Romania (25.8%) and Bulgaria (29.5% ). In the meanwhile the European Union, the recipients of the tax represent 40, 2% of the PIB.

The part of the mandatory pretext in the PIB has increased 0.7 percentage points in France in 2017, reports Eurostat. The Hexagone is the one who pays the weight of the impotence and the social cohesion to the higher the last, the Chypre, the Luxembourg, the Slovene and the Malts. Overall, "By 2016, the ratio of the tax returns to the GDP has increased by 2017 in the number of Member States" sur 28, note Eurostat.

Comme le relève le FigaroThe importance of the reciprocal financial recuperation of GDP is exploited by the social cohesion fees: 18.8% of the GDP representing a total of 13.3% in the European Union. The value of the income and the patronym represent 12.8% of the GDP in France, with a total of 13.1 in the eurozone scale.

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