Sunday , October 17 2021

Covid-19: What is the ‘restless anus syndrome’ that a patient in Japan has contracted?


A Japanese patient with Covid-19 suffered from “restless anus syndrome”. It would be a first.

A surprising consequence of the disease, to say the least. In Tokyo, a 77-year-old Japanese man said he suffered from “restless anus syndrome” after receiving Covid-19.

Twenty days in the hospital

After breathing problems, the septuagenarian was hospitalized for about twenty days, informed BMC infectious diseases, magazine in which the facts were reported on 23 September. When he returns to a normal life after leaving the hospital, he still admits that he has trouble falling asleep. The septuagenarian would indeed have a “feelanal discomfort“The only way for him to alleviate the pain is to stay active.

Symptoms similar to those of “restless legs syndrome”

This “restless anus syndrome” is indeed reminiscent of that of restless legs, which in its host causes a constant desire and need to move its legs.

“This case met four essential characteristics of RLS, the urge to relocate, getting worse with rest, improving with exercise and getting worse at night.” “RLS is a neurological disorder, the syndrome may therefore open new research on the links between Covid-19 and the neuropsychiatric state, our colleagues from La Dépêche du Midi.

BFM infection over infectious disease says that restless anus syndrome is new evidence that the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus is capable of spreading in the neurological sphere. The Japanese patient was meanwhile treated with an anti-anxiety medication (clonazepam) which provided relief from anal symptoms.

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