Monday , August 15 2022

"Christoph and Jeff have become my best friends."


INTERVIEW – On Monday night at M6, a 36-year-old woman who runs a training farm in southern France left her last friend, Christophe.

FIGARO. – In the last episode Love is in the meadow. , You decide to stop the adventure with Christophe after having a weekend with him in Camargue. What's the reason?
Aurelia. – I did not have a click. This person is great, I am a person I love, but there is no longer a small thing.

Did Christoph try to reconcile?
no. He has always respected my reserve. He understood that I was in pain and needed time. It was not the fact that our relationship would lead to a story. Christoph was impatient. At least I found a friend. I think this friendship will last.

In fact, at the end of the episode, you promised to meet Jeff again. Your other apprentice went to the farm. Are you still in touch today?
Yes. I met Jeff on the phone before bankruptcy. Christophe too. We call each other regularly, and we share with each other. We had a great adventure that left a new adventure.

"I'm still a little stabbed and hurt."

The aurelias of love are in the grasslands.

Do not you feel so disappointed because you can not find love?
no. From there I will retrieve all the mail I have received. Maybe somebody in the letter will adapt me and adapt to my situation. I am optimistic. We can only exist. Anyway, this person should be patient and understanding. I am still a bit bleeding and wounded. We do not erase past love and we learn to live together. I believe it is not easy to re-learn to trust and love someone.

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What did the show bring to you?
Two friends! They are meticulous ears, impulses. They have neutral opinions because they are outside of my life. I put a lot of thanks to them. From now on, I try to ignore past hardships.

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