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Chartres: The market refuses to install huge e-commerce, and MP Guillaume Kasbarian is resentful.


Can we decide? Do you refuse to establish a company with 2,000 jobs? Yes, Chartres Jean-Pierre Gorges replies. MP LREM Guillaume Kasbarian clearly does not answer.

This incident, which is being launched from the current gun, was launched in the spring but has just been released. In front of business leaders, Chartres, which was previously elected LR, was unveiled and market opened on November 7 Defeating the e-commerce giant who wants to set up a logistics platform in the city

Large operation, "Low added value"

In an era of unemployment, the market was surprised by the promise of about 2,000 jobs. Jean-Pierre Gorges (market since 2001) supports the long-term vision.

"I do not dream. He spoke to Mike in Europe one. If you say there are 2,000 jobs, it is likely that all the unemployed will be immediately available. […] It is not an economy. One side is 2000, the other is unemployed. We put people in boxes. "

He is suspicious of this large project when considering the history of this area. They saw the giant leave many times and leave. "Dreux benefited for a long time when Philips created this type of employment in cars. Today, all of the companies have withdrawn. and The pre-existing Dreux is currently undergoing an employment crisis. "He testified to Le Monde.

Moreover, the proposal for employment is not very qualitative. Jean-Pierre Gorges uses this term. "Picking" : An order picking activity that requires strictly the same type of occupation. Low-wage, 3×8 schedule, installation in a contaminated area with the passage of heavy cargo vehicles.. Operation "Low added value" According to the market.

Social discrimination?

Parliamentarian Guillaume Kasbarian for Eure-et-Loir argued against his view in a statement posted on Twitter. "We do not spit on 2000 jobs" I believe in the elected LREM.

"If you are afraid that your company will be closed when the company is not yet open, What is it that keeps your business going? " Guillaume Kasbarian

His answer, however, focuses primarily on another claim by Jean-Pierre Gorges. This one quoted by mail was confirmed to Echo Républicain. "Chartres must stay in and stay in a provincial city, which would be detrimental to the demographic and sociological balance of demography. […] These low-skilled jobs will attract new residents to change the demographic structure. "

Guillaume Kasbarian sees social triad. "The mask falls", This statement "North American models of closed homes where access to barricaded communities is reserved for some?"

The problem is that Europe's Matthieu Béliard has a 1: "What we understande Is there a problem with the subclass? " The elected representative suddenly responded as follows. "If a company employs 2,000 engineers, I will not use one of them."

Canyon – Kasbarian, another umpteenth

It is not the first time that Jean-Pierre Gorges and Guillaume Kasbarian have collapsed. Since June 2018, The torch never stops burning between the old LR and the old LR with Presidential ambition and newly elected Mar Marche.

In June, the tribunal of the municipal newspaper, Kume Kasbarian "Schizophrenia", "mute" or "Half-duping". He replied. Region Comparison Selected by Donald Trump. Another clash of July surrounding the paid project between Chartres and Dreux.

Will it clash with this big word? It is divided by the already anchored individual and political hostility. ? Anyway, it will not solve the already cold relationship between these two links of the local political chain.

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